Five G-Rated Movies That Would be Awesome as R-Rated Movies

Five G-Rated Movies That Would be Awesome as R-Rated Movies

Five G-Rated Movies That Would be Awesome as R-Rated Movies

How different would certain G-rated movies be if they were to suddenly get an R-rating, meaning many things that were once off-limits were now allowed? Just think of the implications that might arise if this happened and then think of how insane it might make some movies considering their content and their overall story. Walt Disney and many other individuals would likely roll over in their graves if they heard that their creations had become horror-fests and blood-bathed, profanity-laden spectacles that people were thrilled to watch. The whole idea of making a G-rated movie into something that would make many adults widen their eyes in shock is something that a lot of people should be able to admit is tempting since not only does it make it more attractive to adults, but it would also make said movies a little more interesting simply because there would be no punches pulled, metaphorically speaking, and the ability to see just what would really happen in a no-holds-barred fight scene would be undeniably graphic.

Here are just a few G-rated movies that would be awesome with an R rating.


Just imagine the HAL-type robot getting particularly nasty once it’s discovered that its control over the humans is slipping. There would have to be some other human aspect in this movie to really make it worthwhile, such as a Soylent Green quality that would see the incapacitated humans being fed the molecularly-altered remains of their own people, which would be insanely gross but definitely worthy of an R-rating, especially if the computer was known to ship off the old, sick, and dying to the meat grinder that was reserved only for authorized ship personnel, which would be completely automated of course.

4. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

There shouldn’t be too much imagination needed for this one since the spoof movie, Epic Movie, already made it known just how this one could turn out. But it would be interesting to give it another horrific twist while keeping the idea that the kids who ‘win’ the opportunity are ground up to make the treats that are sold to people. It does sound as though cannibalism would be one of the most common themes in some G-rated movies, but at the very least, this one would set the pace since the whole idea of a candy factory would be a great front to establish a murder site that entertains the victims before making them a part of the process.

3. Monsters University

This could be a great horror comedy filled with images of gore, absolute terror, and possible sacrifice to get that final door to open and even explode when Mike and Sully needed to get back to their world. Imagine if the monster world ran on both fear and something else a lot more potent and a lot more tangible? Plus, just imagine what the monsters would be able to look like if they were given an R rating. Mike might actually be scary for once and Sully could look like more than a giant, polka dot covered furball with horns. Then just imagine what Boggs would look like, yeesh.

2. The Little Mermaid

This might sound like an odd entry into the mix, but if anyone still recalls the original Little Mermaid was kind of a dark story. Plus, imagine the things that could be seen in an R-rated version. No, don’t go getting pornographic or anything, though it’s likely that a few love scenes might be included and nudity might actually happen. But what I’m referring to is Ursula being a true terror and her plans being a little more visually upsetting than the animated version would allow. Plus, perhaps there might be more to her machinations than the animated movie gave us, such as a coming war between the humans and merfolk. That might be enticing.

1. Peter Pan

The TV show Once Upon a Time kind of gave us a look at what type of horror Peter Pan could really deliver when they turned the character into the evil, ageless being who was in actuality the father of the man who would become Rumplestiltskin in the main story. Plus, his shadow was a deadly wraith that had its own extraordinary power, and things weren’t quite as carefree as they were meant to be. Just imagine Peter as the kind of guy that would actually lure unsuspecting kids to Neverland in order to recruit them into his ranks, and the pirates as actual, bloodthirsty pirates that were intent on destroying Pan. No good guys in this one, just villains.

Obviously we’re not bound to see a lot of these since people tend to want to keep the classics as innocent as possible, but the very thought of turning a G-rated movie into an R would be kind of fun.

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