Five Fun Lobster Scenes in Movies for National Lobster Day

Five Fun Lobster Scenes in Movies for National Lobster Day

There really aren’t a lot of people that would stoop to calling lobsters cute or cuddly but they are a big part of life in some states and they are tasty little buggers too. In movies they’re often used to show as delicacies or for humor since horror-wise they’re not all that scary unless you beef them up somehow. All in all though lobster scenes in movies can be pretty comical since there’s so many things that can be done with them. As far as being good for anything other than eating there are those that have tried to use them to make bets on as far as fighting goes, but it’s not exactly a big moneymaker and it would likely be shut down by PETA or some organization. And to be honest watching a lobster fight doesn’t seem all that exciting since they don’t move all that fast unless they really want to.

With that said, here are some lobster-inspired scenes from several movies.

5. Annie Hall

Do you ever get the sense that Woody Allen just has a massive set of insecurities when it comes to life? Even if it’s just an act he reacts to just about everything in life with some degree of discomfort, and when it comes to lobsters he seems ready to run and hide. Granted if these little buggers catch hold of you it can really hurt, but if they catch hold of you it usually means you did something to upset them and you held still for long enough. Plus, a baby lobster really isn’t going to do much to a person since they can clamp down on you all they want but while it hurts it won’t do much.

4. Splash

You get the idea that Daryl Hannah was really, REALLY hungry. Has anyone ever tried to crunch through a lobster shell with their teeth? You’d have to have the bite force of a shark and teeth hard as stone to do it unless you hit the weak spots. But hey, she’s a mermaid from under the sea so maybe it’s just a natural quality she possesses. It’s strange how almost every time we see mermaids on film they look completely human in some cases develop legs once they come onto land. Anyone that’s seen a documentary, well, a theoretical documentary on mermaids would see that scientists predict that they look a LOT different.

3. Summer Rental

Ever go to those restaurants that have live lobsters waiting in the tank so that you can see what you’ll be eating? That’s kind of a treat really but to animal lovers it might seem like walking through a slaughterhouse and picking out which cow you’re going to be cutting your steak from. In any case watching those water-born delicacies being picked out of the tank one by one when you’re waiting for them is kind of a drag since you get the feeling that there aren’t any more and that you just lost out on a good meal. The only upside is that they’re often so expensive that not a lot of folks end up ordering them. But they want to so badly.

2. Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin Williams could make just about anything funny and he had no trouble with this movie when it came to pretty much everything. Even the few seconds he spent taking a lobster out of the pot was hilarious since his timing and his humor was perfectly on and geared to be family-friendly. He’s one of the most missed human beings in the world for moments like this since he could light up a room just by saying a few words. In fact it’s hard to find anyone that didn’t like this movie simply because Robin Williams was doing some of his best stuff and he was doing it in a way that everyone could enjoy.

1. Dinner for Schmucks

It’s easy to ask the question as to whether this woman eats at all since she seems capable of ‘channeling’ the spirits of the food that she’s about to eat. What in the world would she do then if she was eating vegetables? Would she make ripping and tearing sounds as she was plucked from the earth and cut into different pieces? She would be an interesting dinner date at a burger joint no doubt, or at a hot dog stand. How many animals do you think she would channel then? The whole idea of this dinner was to make fun of people of course, but the way that each actor got into their part was pretty funny.

Lobsters are a billion-dollar industry it’s said and it’s hard to doubt that since looking at how much one of them costs on a menu at a nice restaurant you can imagine what an establishment would pull down in a single night.

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