Five Former Celebrities with Bizarre Post-Fame Lives

Five Former Celebrities with Bizarre Post-Fame Lives

Five Former Celebrities with Bizarre Post-Fame Lives

You might wonder sometimes what happens to celebrities when they seem to fall off the face of the earth, well some of them tend go on to bizarre things during their post-fame lives that you might not have expected. The general public seems to forget that people from all walks of life have varied interests that they might not disclose with everyone and could possibly keep hidden when experiencing some down time. As soon as the spotlights are off however it becomes time to let their interests take over.

Some of them aren’t really that bizarre, but you still wouldn’t think of them as being involved in this manner.

5. Jeff Cohen-Chunk from the Goonies

Remember the chubby kid that did the Truffle Shuffle? Well he grew up, got in shape, and avoided all the hassle of being a child star by quitting acting and getting an education. He eventually attended UCLA and graduated and became one of the most successful executives under 35 by 2008. That’s pretty good for a kid that almost lost his part in the movie due to the chicken pox.

4. Tom Selleck-Magnum P.I.

Apparently when Magnum P.I. was doing exceptionally well Selleck bought a ranch and devoted a big chunk of it to avocado farming. He was even fined at one point during a drought for stealing water. The funny thing about this is that he doesn’t like avocados and doesn’t make any profit off of them. But I guess if you sink your money into something then you want to take care of it no matter how you have to do it.

3. John Carpenter-Director of Halloween

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen him in the director’s chair but apparently he’s swapped that for something more comfortable that allows him to sit for hours in front of a TV with a controller in his hands. He’s a hardcore gamer at this point and was introduced to it by his son. And in case you’re wondering he’s not into just any old games, he’ll take whatever you got and at least try it once. He’s even thinking about making his own game.

2. Vanilla Ice-Rapper

This one I’m sure a lot of people would have never guessed. Vanilla Ice, at one time a famous rapper that seemed to be at the top of his game, now renovates houses. Obviously his fame hasn’t been a big thing to crow about for a while but he at least did cameos and Reality show stints that continued to get him noticed. But nowadays he buys broken down old homes, fixes them up, and sells them for twice what he paid. Who would have ever thought that Vanilla Ice would turn to flipping houses?

1. Rick Moranis-Lewis from Ghostbusters

Rick Moranis’s case is a little different from the others since he decided to be a stay at home dad after his wife passed away. He became what some would call a shut-in singer, in that he continued to work to support his family, but doesn’t really do much else but sing and take care of his kids. It’s a simple life and it seems to work for him.

Everybody’s got their thing.

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