Five Completely Forgettable Great Films

Five Completely Forgettable Great Films

Five Completely Forgettable Great Films

It sounds extremely contradictory to state that a movie might be great but still forgettable, but it does happen since that movie might be great at the moment that it comes out and a little while after, but some pictures tend to fade very quickly after they’ve been released. There’s always the possibility that they simply didn’t resonate with enough people the first time around, since plenty of people will go back to movies that they watched once and didn’t feel any connection to, as it could be that there was simply too much in the movie to pay attention to at first. This tends to happen in movies with a lot of big-name actors, or in movies that are built up way too much and end up confusing the audience as to which way they’re supposed to be looking, since to be quite honest some folks can’t really focus on too much at the same time. Movies that are too simple however suffer the same fate since they might not be considered to be much of anything other than a minor distraction that might warrant a single viewing and nothing more.

Here are a few great but very forgettable movies.

5. Silence

The whole idea of Europeans making their way to Asia for one reason or another has been done so much that one might have thought history would finally show the Europeans getting the hint that the Japanese didn’t want to convert to Christianity back in the day. But then again, many cultures were simply too stubborn to give up on those they were trying to convert. But if people were asked at random it might be that many of them might point out that one of the most pervasive and sometimes most condescending religions out there is Christianity, since it’s one of the biggest religions in the world for a reason.

4. Don’t Say a Word

As good as the actors in this movie actually did it’s surprising that people didn’t pay any more attention to it than they did since Famke Jansen, Michael Douglas, Sean Bean, and Brittany Murphy played great roles that really tugged at the heartstrings a time or two, and made this into a movie that many people could feel. But there are a few moments throughout the movie that might not have resonated quite as much with people, or it could have been that the whole thing might not have been entirely believable. In any case, the movie was actually quite well done, but for some reason, audiences just didn’t respond in the desired manner.

3. The Forgotten

You would think that the message of a mother’s love being shown to be stronger than any attempt to subvert it would be enough, but it’s fair to say that the message gets lost in the movie since the reason why everyone keeps forgetting about the main character is pretty simple, and somehow has the ability to muddy up the main point. But once it’s revealed the main thrust of the movie is still pretty strong since it hits like a hammer wrapped in cloth, just hard enough to feel, but somehow muted in a way since it’s almost as though the director was willing to spare the feelings of the audience rather than bludgeon them over the head with it.

2. The Messengers

If there were some way to rewrite this script it might turn out to be a better movie since it feels a little too simplistic and just a little too easy for the audience to figure out since there’s really no mystery about who the ghosts are and what went on to keep them there. But the fact is that this story does have a lot of potential and it wasn’t executed so poorly that it was completely worthless. It was actually one of the more effective ghost stories, but as with anything, there was a deluge of ghost stories before and after that kind of drowned this one out and made it a little more difficult to really create something that people could differentiate from the rest.

1. Smokin’ Aces

If there’s any gripe about this movie, other than anything else that critics might want to say, it’s that there were simply so many well-known stars that trying to look in any one direction at times was kind of tough since a lot of people were distracted by the big names. Ryan Reynolds, Ray Liotta, Chris Pine, Alicia Keys, Jason Bateman, Peter Berg, Ben Affleck, Taraji P. Henson, Jeremy Piven, Andy Garcia, and several others were more than enough to drive the crowded vehicle that this became. If anything, there was simply too much to this movie, and that was kind of the point since it was a giant cluster bomb just waiting to go off. And oh, it did.

Some movies would be great if they would just calm down a bit and really grab for the audience instead of trying to swing and miss.

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