The Five Best Gadgets Batman Ever Used

The Five Best Gadgets Batman Ever Used

The Five Best Gadgets Batman Ever Used

There are many aspects of Batman’s personality that make him one of the most popular superheroes from DC Comics of all time. However, something that his fans particularly love is his gadgets. He has a wide range of devices that he uses to get himself out of trouble and save others in the storylines from both the comics and the films. There are some that are not particularly great and there are others that are totally cool and Batman fans often wish they could have some of these useful items to use in real life. Here are five of the best gadgets that Batman has ever used.

1. The Batarang

One of the best Batman gadgets is also the simplest. A Batarang is like a boomerang that Batman throws to injure his opponents. The difference is that it is a piece of metal carved into the shape of a bat. It may seem basic, but Batman has done a lot of harm to people using this gadget over the years and many of the villains from his major storylines have the puncture wounds to prove this point.

2. Bat-Shark-Repellent

There are many gadgets that Batman uses time and time again and have become famous amongst fans of Batman. The Bat-Shark-Repellent is different as it has appeared just once, yet it is still one of the gadgets that fans talk about. It appeared when Batman made his big screen debut and was attacked by sharks. He used the repellent to avoid getting his legs bitten off and facing death.

3. Grappling Gun

Gotham City is huge and Batman needs to travel from one side to the other at great speed on a regular basis. Unfortunately, one of Batman’s superpowers is not flight. Therefore, he had to design a gadget that would help him to get from one building to another without risking falling or death. Hence, the grappling gun was created. The gun fires out a cable that attaches to a building. It can then support his weight and often the weight of another person who he is rescuing. This helps him to swing freely and escape from tricky situations.

4. Batmobile remote Control

The Batmobile is one of the most iconic symbols of superhero comic books and films. This famous car plays an important role in many of the storylines. However, the car would be nothing without the remote control that operates many of its functions. He can even use the voice-activated remote control to demand the car comes to collect him when he finds himself in trouble.

5. The Lie Detector

Many people find lie detector tests fascinating, but few could boast they have a built-in lie detector fitted into the cowl of their suit like Batman. The detector can test the heart rates and temperatures of criminals, so Batman knows if they are lying to him. Some people have argued that this gadget is implausible but it is impossible to deny that it is a pretty cool and useful gadget for a crime fighter to carry about their person.

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