Five Awesome Family Movies to Watch on Easter Sunday

Five Awesome Family Movies to Watch on Easter Sunday

Five Awesome Family Movies to Watch on Easter Sunday

Kate Walsh and Charlotte Tilton from Town and Country have a pretty good handle on which movies would be best to spend watching with the family this coming Easter, but we have a few picks of our own too. To be honest while some of them are less traditional than the general idea of what Easter is supposed to celebrate, you’ll definitely appreciate these picks as a parent since they keep the kids happy and entertained. The cute side of Easter as Maria Carter from Women’s Day points out is usually one of the more popular routes to go since this holiday is quite serious to some but is still considered to be a lot of fun by others. Melissa Locker of Southern Living even has another take on what movies might be fun to watch during Easter, but she definitely takes a different route than we’ve decided upon. But in all fairness, everyone has their own idea of what movies are great to watch over the holidays.

Here are our picks for what to watch when Easter rolls around, especially since it’s coming soon.

5. Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Stop-motion films were extremely popular back in the day and believe it or not they’re still kind of popular with kids since it seems like something new and beyond their experience. The whole story of Peter Cottontail is one that many of us grew up hearing about or watching and it’s a very nostalgic look back into a past that to many of us seems to make more sense than the present sometimes. But all in all this is a fun story that a lot of kids will probably enjoy since it’s all about the Easter Bunny and how he saves the day during one of the most well-known holidays out of the year.

4. It’s the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown

Everyone’s favorite blockhead is still one of our favorite shows to watch since it brings back a lot of memories and in many cases tends to remind us of simpler times. To some kids this might just be another chance to see Snoopy since he happens to be one of the most popular characters from the show, but for the rest of us it’s a great chance to remember all the Easters we had as kids and what small role this film and many others had in making it that way. Charlie Brown and the gang were always good for a few laughs when it came time for the holidays and quite honestly they’re still good for it.

3. Hop

This actually wasn’t the favorite Easter movie of all time according to the critics and even according to some fans, but it did manage to get a lot of hype before it came out, which could have been the problem to be honest. But to be just as honest it was a fun and cute movie since it did bring out a very interesting point about how bunnies seem to dominate Easter and yet they don’t lay eggs and don’t seem to do a lot of the grunt work that goes into making the delicacies that so many people enjoy during this holiday. That alone was kind of an eye-opener since it doesn’t get a lot of notice all the time.

2. Zootopia

Okay, this isn’t an Easter movie, you got me. But it is a fun movie with a bunny as a main character and it does go into a lot of thematic elements that kids have absolutely loved since many of them watch it over and over and over and, well, you get the point. If you’re a parent and know this movie by heart it’s not too surprising since it is pretty cute and does have a lot of adult elements that some kids might not fully understand but would gladly ask about since that’s the nature of kids after all. But really, casting a bunny as the main character does seem to make sense considering that she’s kind of a medium between the smaller and larger species in the movie.

1. Rise of the Guardians

This one is all about the holidays and Easter is very prominent since it turns out to be the last hope that the legendary figures have to stop Pitch before their powers start to wane as the kids stop believing in them. The fact that they made the Easter Bunny sound Australian was kind of an odd choice but the other fact that they made him a tough and capable fighter definitely seems to make it less noticeable for many viewers. This movie is a lot of fun since it runs the gamut between holidays and seasons and delivers a very important lesson about what we believe and perceive to be true.

Hopefully you’ll have a Happy Easter and enjoy a movie or two in the process.

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