My Favorite “May the 4th” Meme of Star Wars Day

My Favorite “May the 4th” Meme of Star Wars Day

I told you I’d be posting another Star Wars related piece today.  And why not?  Star Wars day only comes but once a year.   But it’s nice to see that there are some people who sympathize with the non-Jedi contingent.  You mustn’t forget that there’s an entire evil empire that’s essentially being left out of this holiday and frankly that’s just not fair.  Not only that, do you really think that Darth Vader would ever give his Stormtroopers the day off?  Hell no.

Of all the memes I’ve seen that correspond to Star Wars day, this is my favorite.  Screw the Jedis and all their celebrations.  These poor Stormtroopers are stuck in the bullpens and cubicles earning slave wages (actually, probably no wages) under the Dark Lord’s regime.   Jedis really need to stop rubbing it in the faces of the working class.   Star Wars day is clearly elitism at its finest.  I feel like the Jedies are the 1% and the evil empire is everyone else.  Not cool guys. Not cool at all.

Maybe all those fan theories about Luke Skywalker are right after all.

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