Days of Our Lives: Would Dario Hurt Abigail?

Days of Our Lives: Would Dario Hurt Abigail?

Days of Our Lives: Would Dario Hurt Abigail?

Days of Our Lives fans are so excited to see what is going to happen with Dario and Abigail. We all saw her put a bug in his office to find out what’s up, and we have to wonder precisely what it is she suspects him of doing. Whatever it is must be really bad, because she’s asking everyone for help, asking people to put their own lives and jobs on the line, and she’s putting herself at risk.

We want to know something. If he found out she was spying on him and worried about what kind of illegal activities he was up to, what would he do? He loves her, and that’s not a question. But would he hurt Abigail or her son? We just don’t know what he might do if he suspected his own wife was following him, spying on him, and asking the police to get involved.

And what about Chad? When will he step in and try to make things right? Even if he’s not trying to get her back, he is going to need to find a way to save her life and the life of their son. She has to deal with things like this somehow, and we can’t wait for her to find out that Chad is still watching out for her. This might be the thing that brings them together. It’s not all what it sounds like, but there is a chance they might end up back together in the future.

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