Daniel Craig Never Really Wanted to Play James Bond

Daniel Craig Never Really Wanted to Play James Bond

Daniel Craig Never Really Wanted to Play James Bond

When you think about it there are times when it’s amazing to hear some actors admit that they never really wanted the roles that they ended up getting, even if they did eventually become defining roles that made them a household name around the world. According to Holden Walter-Warner of Screenrant, Daniel Craig never saw himself taking on the role of the martini-drinking super spy when he was younger as he wanted to play the part of someone like Spider-Man or Superman rather than take on the black tie and suit of a secret agent. He was even wanting to be a cowboy before this type of role and he did get the chance to do such a thing in Cowboys and Aliens alongside Harrison Ford at one point. It was kind of a flop in many ways, but it was still something different, which is what Craig has been wanting for a while now when it comes to his career, given that Bond is the kind of long-term role that a lot of people would figure that would be highly lucrative and even amenable to those that want their names to get top billing. In that respect however it’s also a limiting role since Craig has become largely known for this role over the years given how long he’s been rocking the part. The highly anticipated No Time to Die is going to be his final run as the most famous spy in the world however, as it will be time for someone else to take over once it’s all said and done. Where the Bond legend will go at that point is kind of hard to say, but it will no longer involve Craig, as his desire is to branch out and see if he can do anything else with the time he has left in the business.

Unfortunately for Daniel, the roles of Superman and Spider-Man are typically taken on by younger actors that can stick around for the long haul, though with Henry Cavill that statement is kind of hard to utilize since he’s played the part twice and still has mixed fan reactions when it comes to his part in the movie. Spider-Man of course is out since Tom Holland has been rocking the part of Spider-Man/Peter Parker, and there’s no possible way that Craig could be a convincing wallcrawler at this point in his life. As far as being a villain though, there’s always some possibility that for DC or Marvel he could play a crucial role that might be seen as something impressive since there are enough villains to go through that might be able to use Craig as a suitable and even perfect template since he can be just as menacing as he can be suave and deadly. For Craig though the chance to branch out and become known for something other than the Bond movies is a desire it sounds like since being known for just one thing is kind of a hardship for many actors that try to take on other roles. Escaping one role that’s been their bread and butter for years is often a little difficult since fans tend to make up their mind how they want to see a person and oftentimes it’s very difficult to get them to see an actor as anything but that one character that they’ve come to appreciate. Patrick Phillips of Looper has more to say about the subject at hand.

It’s a good thing that Craig did take on the Bond persona for a while though since otherwise there might have been plenty of characters for people to recognize him as, but a good number of them weren’t nearly as influential or as famous as the world-class spy. Imagine if he’d become known for his character in Road to Perdition, as he played a truly detestable human being that ended up killing the main character’s wife and son before being hidden away by his gangster father, the same man that the main character was employed by. Being known as a super-spy is definitely better than being known as a weasel-like character that didn’t have that great a part in an otherwise overlooked movie. It would be interesting to see him enter the DC or MCU brands though since trying to figure out just where he might fit in would be interesting. Personally I can see him as one of the more menacing villains, one of the elder statesmen of the heroes, or a regular human that has an important part to play in the realm of the superheroes. In any case it does feel as though it would allow him to stretch a different set of acting muscles than he’s used in the past. Plus it would be enough to allow him to branch out in a way that we haven’t really seen him before.

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