Celebrities Who Vanished After Their Movies Bombed

Celebrities Who Vanished After Their Movies Bombed

It’s hard to talk about some movies and the actors that were in them sometimes since the movies were, in some cases, so bad that it was necessary to just move on from them as a viewer. For the celebrities however it was favorable to vanish for a little while and then start building up their reputation slowly but surely so that people would possibly forgive their involvement in such a huge flop. As Brian Boone of Nikki Swift says, rightfully so, a lot of celebrities are judged upon their last movies, and as a result this means that some of them get ragged on pretty heavily depending on how bad their last movie really was. Even Thomas Mentel of the Cheat Sheet is adamant about how flops can affect the reputation of celebrities, as it takes only one bad movie to really force a person into obscurity if their reputation isn’t strong enough to keep them afloat. Unfortunately the problem, as Oliver Taylor of Listverse has put it, the biggest problem isn’t always the actor and their portrayal of a character, but the source material and how it’s interpreted in the movie. In that case it’s kind of hard for any actor to really save a burning dumpster fire that is fated to become a huge flop.

Here are just a few movies that kind of forced their star celebrities to back up and even disappear for a little while.

David Caruso – Jade

David Caruso had a few sparks of greatness that made him a wanted actor at times but it didn’t really catapult him into super-stardom. This movie was apparently his stab at the big time but it flopped so hard that we didn’t hear from him for a while since it was just that bad. Most of the other notable actors in the film did go on to have a decent career either because they were already solid enough in their reputation or were B-list actors to begin with. Caruso on the other hand was almost ruined by this and he was mocked horribly for a while following this movie. He did make a comeback eventually, but it was about as successful as the career he’d had before this movie.

Dana Carvey – Master of Disguise

Dana Carvey was best when he was on SNL, that’s an unfortunate fact that a lot of people might not agree with but is kind of easy to see since his movie career was a big hit and miss kind of endeavor. Wayne’s World was actually one of his best movies since he and Mike Myers went on to create something that people absolutely loved. But this movie kind of forced him into obscurity for a little bit and when he did come back, kind of, people were thankfully ready to see him again. But quite honestly this movie, despite being funny in a few spots, was absolutely horrible and was hyped up way too much.

Brandon Routh – Superman Returns

In TV it would seem that Dean Cain hit the nail on the head since people absolutely loved the show and it was the right program at the right time. Brandon Routh though was anything but bulletproof when it came to his reputation since this movie was knocked down with a vengeance since it didn’t seem to do much more than pay a slight amount of respect to the original by bringing in someone that looked kind of like Christopher Reeve and continue a story that a lot of people had almost forgotten. Even Man of Steel didn’t do much to bring this legend back, as the older movies still hold a great deal of sway over the DC universe.

Antonio Banderas – The 13th Warrior

It’s hard to talk about this movie in a negative way since it happens to be a favorite and did reach cult favorite status among many viewers. But it didn’t do Antonio Banderas much good since it didn’t really further his reputation and did kind of ruin a lot of opportunities for him. He’s had a career since this movie but it’s been mostly movies that have been straight to DVD release and on TV. He was featured in The Expendables 3, but then again, who wasn’t? Again it’s hard to say anything bad about this movie since I do care for it a lot. But at the box office it was a horrible flop that lost a lot of money.

Chris O’Donnell – Batman & Robin

Batman was headed for a fall the moment that Tim Burton made the sequel to his own movie and it didn’t get any better from there, at least not until The Dark Knight that Christopher Nolan managed to take control of. Chris O’Donnell however was unable to add his own star power to Clooney’s or Kilmer’s in order to bring either movie out of the dark and dingy recesses of failure that they finally settled in.

Obviously all of these actors did come back eventually, but when these movies came out it was time to run and hide for a while.

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