Casting the Perfect Supergirl Movie

Casting the Perfect Supergirl Movie

Lately there’s been a lot of hype concerning the DC hero, Supergirl, and considering that she’s now being lauded as just important as her cousin, Superman, there’s obviously talk of her getting a solo film. The question is just who would be cast for the key roles, and what would those individuals bring to the role. While the television show has its actors and actresses that have done well thus far, the big screen is a huge transition that demands actors of a different caliber and a director that can handle the pressure. So here are the top five individuals that might best represent the Supergirl brand.

5. Director- Zack Snyder

Despite catching a good deal of heat for his his take on Superman’s classic story in “Man of Steel”, Snyder showed a different side to the famed superhero and it’s safe to assume that he could do the same to the man of steel’s cousin. Seeing another angle of Krypton as it’s about to explode might be an interesting addition to the Superman mythos that fans could fully enjoy. While Snyder’s vision is a little darker than most when concerning DC characters, it adds a new level to an otherwise wholesome story that can serve as an updated version that more people can relate to.

4. Superman-Henry Cavill

If the iconic actor would come back for the role there’s no doubt that he could bolster the movie in a way by being something of a secondary character. Many fans might see this as an insult to such a powerful hero, but it needs to be remembered that Superman is the backup in this type of film, not the main character. Also, with Snyder at the helm it might be seen as important to point out that Supergirl is actually older than Superman, and much more powerful in many ways.

3. Winslow “Winn” Schott Jr.- Chris Pine

In a cast that already needs to be star-studded just to gain the right attention, Pine would bring an air of professionalism and experience to this role that could help to accentuate the main character and the other secondaries. Being that he is attached to Supergirl as a helper of sorts, he is an important character by the fact that she does rely on him somewhat.

2. J’onn J’onzz- Idris Elba

It’s not certain if this would happen or not, considering that Elba is a hot commodity in Hollywood right now, but it would be a masterful cast if this actor was to join the group. Not only would it make the transition from the television show to the big screen a great deal easier, but Elba has the kind of acting chops necessary to play the famed Martian Manhunter, a very serious character that takes Supergirl under his wing and looks out for her. As far as intensity goes there aren’t a lot of others that would be able to stare down two super-powered heroes like Superman and Supergirl and make them think twice about their actions.

1. Supergirl- Brooklyn Decker

This might seem like an odd choice given the bounty of attractive blondes with the necessary acting experience to choose from, but it makes sense if one thinks about it. Decker is lauded for one movie that she starred in opposite Taylor Kitsch in “Battleship”, but her look is what impresses the most. Known for being a model, Decker has the look of innocence that can easily turn into a fiery glare on demand that would best fit the role of Supergirl. As actresses go she might need a bit of refinement but without a doubt she is the perfect woman for the role, largely because she straddles the line between innocent and fierce so easily.


This cast might not be the most realistic, but hands down the star power and the acting range of those listed, as well as the directing skills of Snyder, would be more than enough to bring this story to life. The list might have to go down as a “might have been” but it still stands as a great idea that directors and producers would be wise to notice.

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