Casting A Biopic About The Band Ratt

Casting A Biopic About The Band Ratt

Casting A Biopic About The Band Ratt

In June 2019, Stephen Pearcy and Juan Croucier confirmed that the band, Ratt, would be releasing new music in 2020. The two band members added that they would be in charge of writing new songs, and by December 2019, Stephen disclosed that he had 15 songs already demoed. He said that since Juan was also writing more while Jordan was giving his ideas, they would not lack any music to share with their fans. The band has even planned a tour starting in May 2020, hoping the lockdown will have been lifted by then. While it would be good to watch them perform live, it is also essential to see how far each of them has come in their musical journey to end up being in Ratt. That would mean capturing moments that had a significant impact on either their personal lives or artistic careers. For this reason, a biopic would be great, and here are five actors we think would make it worth watching.

Stephen Pearcy – Hugh Laurie

Stephen Pearcy is the founding member of Ratt, whose passion for music turned him into a singer and songwriter. He also learned to play the acoustic guitar while sitting in a hospital bed. His rough past involves drugs and groupies as per the title of his memoir “Sex, Drugs, Ratt & Roll: My Life In Rock,” and if there is one person who can capture Stephen’s character, it is Hugh Laurie. Hugh’s acting career dates back to 1981, and it has only gotten better with each year since, in 2016, he got his star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. His achievements have been recognized through awards and honors, but even as he ages, he is not afraid to venture more into music. Laurie is an excellent lead vocalist and can play different instruments, including the guitar.

Besides, just like Stephen’s experience with drugs, Hugh went ahead to experiment with Vicodin while starring in “House” to get into character. Stephen also took pain-relieving drugs when he had shattered his knee cap according to an interview with Fox News. As a result, he could not even cut his daughter’s umbilical cord since he was under the influence. Hence the musician knew he had to get his act together now that he had a family. Such moments would consequently be well portrayed by Hugh, who knows too well the effects of such drugs. Hugh would, however, learn how to be a rock star because he is used to singing blues, but since he has shown he is willing to do anything to portray a character, then that would not deter him.

Juan Croucier – Keanu Reeves

Juan Croucier is one talented musician who can not only play bass guitar, but he is also an accomplished producer, sound engineer and provides backing vocals to Ratt. His love for originality saw him join a band by the age of 16, on the condition that they played original songs. Similarly, while Keanu Reeves is mostly known for his acting career, especially for playing John Wick, the actor has an undeniable love for music. He even formed a band, Dogstar, in 1991, and he and his friend began playing in a garage before they decided they could go big. Keanu’s band even went ahead to have opening acts for notable rock stars, including David Bowie and Bon Jovi, according to Guitar World. Although he likes to keep his life under the wraps, he could not help showing off his Matrix-themed bass guitar. His fans commented that they wish he could play something, and that is evidence of what a success the movie would be if he got to be Juan.

Jordan Ziff – Michael Cera

When Jordan Ziff was seven, he began playing the guitar, although, at the age of four, he was finding his way around the piano. Still, the passion for playing guitar tramped that of becoming a pianist, having been influenced by The Beatles, Jimmy Page, and Santana. By the time he was in the fourth grade, Jordan had performed his first gig, which was in a school talent show. He got such a positive response that led him to believe he could be the best guitarist there ever was. To be an outstanding guitarist demands someone who also believes in himself; hence we have to go with Michael Cera. Michael opines that anyone can play the guitar and the fact that he enjoyed playing the instrument in “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” only serves to show that he would not mind taking on another guitar-playing role. Besides, since he never dared to be in a band despite wanting to be in one, pretending to be in Ratt would help quench his thirst.

Michael Cera, however, has not had so many acting roles with Looper reasoning that he has been typecast because he almost always behaves the same way in all his roles. The lack of many acting offers has been attributed to the love for a private life, but Michael’s music career has been on the rise. Consequently, if he could grow his hair to look like Jordan Ziff, Michael would fit in the character since he also can do vocals. That way, maybe he would prove to casting directors that he can be versatile too and boost his acting career.

Pete Holmes – Rainn Wilson

Pete Holmes always looked for different music. Therefore when his schoolmates went to dances, he was on touring acts interacting with much older musicians wondering what it is like to be a working drummer. He must have gotten a great impression on that kind of life because it turned out to be his chosen career. Pete started his rock-star path with a band, Black ‘N Blue, that disbanded in 1989. His musical skills were undeniable, and although he never played in the school band, in his senior year, Pete was still voted the best musician. Such a passion for playing drums is what you will find in Rainn Wilson. He may be an accomplished actor, but according to MTV, Rainn would give up acting in a heartbeat to play drums. It was not just for the cameras that he said that; to prepare for his role in “The Rocker,” he trained as a drummer, saying that his coach taught him to keep a beat and everything else a heavy metal rocker does. Rainn even added that if any band was looking for a drummer, then they should give him a call. That kind of determination would, without a doubt, see him give the best performance as Pete Holmes, the drummer, and percussionist in Ratt.

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