Casting A Biopic About Foreigner

Casting A Biopic About Foreigner

Casting a biopic for Foreigner would be problematic in a way it would seem since the band has been through a number of individuals throughout the years and trying to keep up with them all would be a tad bit difficult it seems. If one wanted to include all of them it might take the entire movie just to introduce and get people to care about a good number of them since a lot of people that have followed the band for a while could possibly tell you that they have their favorites and were sorry to see some people go and didn’t care for others in the same manner. Mick Jones would be one of the only constants that seems as though he’d be easy enough to cast, and it’s likely that the story should focus around him anyway since in 1976 he was stranded in New York City and being told by his agent that he needed to come up with a new hook and work out a new group of musicians to get something going. So really it depends on whether a director wanted to show how the band got started or possibly tell the story using flashbacks now and again to flesh it out and give some basis as to how the band came to be what it is now.

At this point it might be better to cast a few relative unknowns since back in the day a lot of these guys might have had a reputation that was building or had already been built, though once again it all depends on what direction a director wished to go with this project since there are plenty of people out there that might be willing and able to perform for such a movie. You might notice that I’m not rattling off a list of names that could fill the roles, there’s a reason for it. Foreigner is without a doubt one of the bands that a lot of people still idolize even though their biggest heyday has come and gone years ago. But trying to nail down one role or another for each band member and possibly each member that’s come along in the years since their creation isn’t just tough, it’s kind of hard to imagine since when it comes to casting actors to play musicians it seems that few people are ever entirely happy with the representation. Greg Prato of All Music gives a pretty good rundown of the band and could possibly help in assigning different actors to each role.

Given the level of fame and renown that this band has managed to reach over the years and the fact that they’re still active it seems almost problematic to really pick a time period from which to go and really represent them. Some might say that their earlier years were best but others might want to say that watching them grow and expand and change throughout the years would be best. It would really depend on the era and the band formation that would make this movie, so trying to cast this biopic would be best left to someone that has an idea of who the band is, their identity throughout the years, and how they might be given the best representation possible. The core members that started the band would be the first choice of course, but Mick would undoubtedly be the only one that could be cast with any certainty at the moment since apart from starting the band he’s been there for the long haul. Others like Dennis Elliott, Lou Gramm, Ian McDonald, and a couple others have come and gone throughout the years, and a couple others have passed away. It could be a great story if someone was willing to take it up and it could in fact be something that people are willing to watch.

Foreigner is a band that a lot of people in this day and age might not know as well since it does belong to the decades before the new millennium, but there are still enough fans remaining that can recall how great the band was and still is in a big way. Plus, the idea of how great the music of that time was is still being handed down even as the music industry continues to advance. Since their day the music scene has changed quite a bit and to be honest it’s undergone a lot of different shifts that have made people wonder about the future of the industry and whether or not it will ever return to the former glory that so many people love to talk about. Foreigner was part of an era in which the music seemed to matter a great deal and wasn’t just a part of the industry that it helped to build. A biopic of this band would have to be something that showed some cultural significance since it’s existed through a few different decades as of now.

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