Who From the Cast of Blindspot Will Have the Most Career Success?

Who From the Cast of Blindspot Will Have the Most Career Success?

Blindspot is a popular television show that’s been on the air for the last couple of years. While it’s ratings haven’t always been stellar, they have been good enough to get the show some fairly solid footing. In addition, the cast of the show is nothing short of outstanding. The show is somewhat unusual in the sense that it has a much larger cast than most television shows, even those that feature an ensemble cast. Below is a list of the five cast members that seem to have everything it takes to go all the way when it comes to their chosen careers.

1. Jaimie Alexander

She virtually has to be at the top of the list. For one thing, she plays a complex character named Jane Doe who often doesn’t even know why she’s involved in the situation she’s found herself in. Throughout the entire show, she’s trying as hard as the audience members to figure out exactly what’s going on and why things are happening a certain way. Alexander brings all of her talent to the forefront as she plays this role with a level of intensity that really isn’t seen all that often. She can be completely abrasive one minute and totally vulnerable the next, something that few people are capable of doing convincingly.

2. Sullivan Stapleton

Playing Kurt Weller, Stapleton brings something extra to the show. Sometimes, it’s hard to put exactly what that something is into words. Some people call it a stage presence and other people call it a magnetic personality. Even when he’s in a role where he has to be extremely difficult about something, most viewers still find themselves being drawn to him. You might consider him the foundation on which the show is built. Even though the main story doesn’t necessarily center around him, he is a central character to the show. Suffice it to say that if he weren’t there, the show would feel much different.

3. Audrey Esparza

No one could possibly view her role as Tasha Zapata as unimportant. With that being said, the thing that really makes viewers pay attention to her is her outstanding ability to handle a scene with true professionalism. There are people who read lines and then there are people who act. They get into the role they’re playing and they allow themselves to become that person, even if only for a little while. These are the people that have what it takes to go far, and Esparza easily fits into that category.

4. Luke Mitchell

In the series, Mitchell plays Roman. Despite the fact that he hasn’t been in every episode of the show, things are always a bit more interesting when he is there. Like most of the other people on this list, there is just something about his personality that makes people want to watch him. It doesn’t matter what typeof role he’s playing, he’s able to completely immerse himself in it in order to transform the character into something even more compelling than writers initially intended. It takes genuine talent to accomplish that, time and time again.

5. Ukweli Roach

Playing Dr. Robert Borden on the show, his is one of the more interesting roles added to the series. While the character he plays definitely adds a level of complexity to the show, it wouldn’t be the same of the character were played by someone else.

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