Cast of Avengers: Infinity War Sings a Brady Bunch Parody Song

You can tell when a movie’s getting close and when the cast has been together for a while since singing a Brady Bunch parody song is usually only something that a cast will do when they’re really comfortable with each other. Otherwise it just doesn’t work as well and you get a very awkward skit. But if you sit back and think about it, the current MCU cast has been around each other for a while now. Robert Downey Jr. kicked it off after all and ever since Iron Man the ball has been steadily rolling forward as the MCU has been shaping up and continuing to evolve along with its story line and the ideas that have been set in place to keep it competitive and on the top of the heap. You know DC has tried but they haven’t yet found the hook that can get them over the hump and be a true contender when it comes to the blockbuster movies that the MCU has, no matter their box office numbers.

But after RDJ came Captain America, Chris Evans. He continued the rolling gait of the MCU and Chris Hemsworth with Thor just kept it moving steadily onward. Eventually we got an Avengers movie, then films like Ant-Man and another Avengers film and then another two Captain America films. And the MCU isn’t done, as they’re going to be bringing out Captain Marvel eventually and possibly a Black Widow standalone movie. And let’s not forget the blockbuster that was Black Panther and the fact that there are plans for more movies in his line as well. So whatever happens in the upcoming Infinity War you know Marvel has a plan for bringing back characters that might pass on or are otherwise taken out of the picture. But there are some characters that don’t seem to get a lot of play despite the fact that they’ve been the entire time. Yes, we’re talking about Hawkeye, the Hulk, and a few others that have been introduced that seem to either be left out or downplayed because it is an Avengers movie.

The sad part of it is that in this film Hawkeye is really out of his element. Yet they’re bringing Natasha and Bucky into the fray without giving the archer his due, especially when he’s usually had a quiver of arrows that can do anything from down a foe in one shot to creating a mini nuclear blast that can decimate an entire field of enemies. Hawkeye might be human and he might be one of the least effective characters up close but from a distance he’s still deadly and he’s still valuable. How do you not include a guy that just can’t seem to miss, EVER, in a fight like the one that’s coming? Of course without seeing the movie yet it’s still hard to say that he’s not there at all.

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