Bill Nye: The Most Relevant Scientist For The Millennial Generation And Beyond

Bill Nye: The Most Relevant Scientist For The Millennial Generation And Beyond

Bill Nye: The Most Relevant Scientist For The Millennial Generation And Beyond

If you’re 20 or older, you don’t have to be told who Bill Nye, the Science Guy is. He made science fun for a whole generation of students who got lost in the calculations in math and science classes. When the routine became stagnant, he made learning fun. More than that, Bill Nye inspired students to be interested and inquisitive of the world around them. More than 2 decades after introducing himself to kids, Bill Nye is once again at the top of his game.

Netflix just announced that their collaboration with the scientist, Bill Nye Saves The World, has been renewed for a second season. The first season covered much more mature topics such as global warming, sex, and dieting. These topics specifically targeted the generation who grew up watching the scientist as children. Now as adults, some with children of their own, the millennial generation is once again learning about the most important scientific topics relative to how they live their lives on a daily basis. Per that tenet, the tagline for Season 2 of the Netflix series reads “If Twitter is any indication, the world still needs saving.” You can watch the teaser below.

On top of all this, PBS just announced it has acquired the rights to the documentary “Bill Nye: Science Guy”, which follows the television personality’s efforts to raise awareness on scientific literacy, science education and advocacy. “We are over the moon to add Bill Nye: Science Guy to our theatrical slate and to be partnering with POV to bring Bill back to PBS,” said PBS Distribution’s Head of Theatrical, Erin Owens.  “The filmmakers have given us a revealing portrait of an icon whose work and personality are seared indelibly into the minds of so many Americans.  We can’t wait to bring this film to audiences across the country, and we know they’ll leave the theater further inspired by Bill Nye and his lifelong quest to making science a national priority.”

“Many of us grew up with Bill Nye: Science Guy. He loved science, and he inspired a whole generation of kids to share that passion through his PBS show,” said POV executive director/executive producer Justine Nagan. “Now, as Bill Nye has focused on his role as a champion for climate science, we hope his story and this film will spark dialogue across ideological lines. We are thrilled to bring this outstanding independent film on Bill‘s life and work to public media audiences.”

Bill Nye has long been synonymous with education, science – and PBS! So, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with POV and PBSd to bring this film both to PBS audiences and to theater audiences across the country,” said Marie Nelson, Vice President of News and Independent Film, PBS. “His message of the importance of science education is as relevant today as when his show debuted on PBS nearly 25 years ago.” The documentary premiered at this year’s South by Southwest Film Festival and will also premiere in theaters later this year.

Look for more of Bill Nye on PBS and Netflix in 2018.


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