Another “Shore” MTV Reality Show Coming and It’s in Floribama

Another “Shore” MTV Reality Show Coming and It’s in Floribama

Another “Shore” MTV Reality Show Coming and It’s in Floribama

I actually had to look on the link to see what “Floribama” is all about and to be honest it seems destined to take a long walk off a very short pier. The so-called ‘coming of age’ stories that are touted as reality TV have run their course for anyone and everyone that was still growing up with the initial Real World on MTV. I’ll be fair enough to say that it might resonate with those who are at the same crossroads in their lives and might find some solidarity from the show, but the dangerous part is thinking that the term ‘reality TV’ means that the show is going to be one hundred percent authentic.

I’m still wondering how Jersey Shore came to be so popular when in truth it was about a group of overly-privileged individuals that got on TV by being as snotty and as stuck up as they could possibly be while trying to be good people at the same time. If drama was the intent then perhaps they should have shot the show differently and dropped the reality TV label. Quite honestly my favorite moment when Jersey Shore was represented was when it was shown in the remake of the Three Stooges. As awful as the movie was, and it was pretty terrible, the scene in which Moe was giving the Jersey Shore kids the business was about as funny as it gets.

Perhaps one of the biggest gripes with reality shows is that they seem to be designed just to take up a time slot when something else could be used that would gain a lot more interest and manage to keep viewers around for more than a single season. The idea that a group of kids, and yes, despite being in their twenties they still act like kids, could be this interesting while just hanging out and figuring out what to do with their lives, is kind of ludicrous. Yes we get it, but when you consider how many others in the country, in the world as a matter of fact, are doing the same thing and yet don’t get televised and don’t feel the need to air their issues out for the world to see. In other words most people that aren’t on this show know how to figure out their lives without having to showcase it to America.

If that were the only gripe then this would be a very short article, but on top of that reality shows are not reality. If you’re going to label something then it’s usually best to adhere to the label in some regard at least. But keeping in mind that people act differently when they’re not being watched is something that reality TV waved goodbye to a long, long time ago. Floribama Shore, man that’s ridiculous name, isn’t bound to be any more real than the other Shore programs and will likely feature acting that’s just as bad if not worse. And the worst part about it is that the ‘celebrities’ that will be made from this will no doubt be seen by others as some of the greatest actors in the world. I hope that’s an exaggeration but I can’t help feeling it’s not.

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