Another Horror Trifecta: Wolf Man vs. Dracula vs. Frankenstein’s Monster

Another Horror Trifecta: Wolf Man vs. Dracula vs. Frankenstein’s Monster

Another Horror Trifecta: Wolf Man vs. Dracula vs. Frankenstein’s Monster

It’s time to go old school when pitting movie monsters against one another, and yes, I will be taking into account what has been added to each character over the years in terms of what gives one the advantage and one the disadvantage. It’s fair to say that every writer that’s taken hold of these legends has altered them in some way or another, but when looking at their various strengths and weaknesses this feels like another close bout in which all three might walk away, or at least one or two of them might be able to escape after taking heavy damages. Of course, if we’re talking a deathmatch to the end, there are going to be a good number of reasons why it might be tough to call. There are plenty of special abilities that each combatant possesses however that would give a distinct advantage in various situations. The terrain might not matter quite as much, but the time of day certainly would since nighttime would favor Dracula and the Wolfman since Frankenstein’s monster can function pretty much whenever.

One of the main things that will affect this fight is the knowledge that each has of their opponents, if any, since each one of them has particular weaknesses that they can’t get past, while they all have various strengths that can assist their chances of survival. When it comes to stealth there’s no doubt that Dracula has both of his opponents beaten in this department since FM isn’t known for being particularly quiet or unobtrusive given his size and his inability to blend in. This is where Dracula and the Wolfman would excel since both can look human and therefore blend in with the rest of humanity. But when it comes time to reveal themselves, at night, it feels as though Dracula will have the edge since he’s more of a thinker than the other two and will come up with some type of strategy to allow the Wolfman and FM to brutalize one another before he swoops in and finishes off the victor. 

But again, with all the improvements that have been made to these characters over the years, one has to remember that the Wolfman doesn’t take damage like a regular human and is much more agile and quicker than FM, who is still apparently more than a little impressive since he’s no longer the plodding creature that Boris Karloff helped to make so famous. Instead, the current day FM can move quickly and is extremely powerful, as well as durable, meaning that the Wolfman will no doubt be able to hit him, but a couple of heavy swipes won’t be taking down the monstrosity since he can recover from wounds that would end the fight if he were a regular human. On the other side of this, the Wolfman will no doubt catch the worst end of this simply because FM isn’t entirely stupid and could possibly figure out his attacks after a while and how to stop them. But the sheer ferocity of the Wolfman would possibly keep FM off-guard and unable to mount a solid defense or an offense. 

Keep in mind that this is a lot of guesswork, but Dracula, upon seeing that neither combatant is winning the fight, might actually swoop in and trying to gang up on whichever character was taking the worst abuse. If it was the Wolfman, it feels as though he might get knocked out of the fight with both FM and Dracula teaming up on him, but if Dracula attacked FM it does feel as though he might bite off more than he can chew since the combined might of FM and the Wolfman is possibly too much for the master vampire, since despite his speed and durability, Dracula does have his limits, and if his enemies know of his weaknesses they’re fully capable of exploiting them if they have the materials around them. In a sense, all FM needs is a heavy wooden branch that can be driven into Dracula’s heart, or he could rip the vampire apart. That is if he’s not dominated by Dracula to start with since the number of abilities that these monsters share between them is simply insane. 

The movies that have come since the time of Lon Chaney Jr., Boris Karloff, and Bela Lugosi have taken a lot of liberties when it comes to the various abilities and weaknesses that these characters have been given, and to be fair, in this day and age, it would be a seriously tough fight to call. Obviously, fans of one or all of these characters would come up with what they feel are compelling scenarios in which their favorites would win, and that’s all well and good since the fantasy of it is what makes this matchup great, and taking into account what situation this trio finds themselves in would make all the difference. 

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