An Ally McBeal Revival is in Early Talks: Of Course It Will Happen

An Ally McBeal Revival is in Early Talks: Of Course It Will Happen

Obviously there are people that are happy and willing to see Ally McBeal return to the small screen, but given the content that was prevalent during the show’s run it kind of stands to reason that it might not be allowed to do the same things and allow the sam content to be shown, lest it anger those that are bound to feel their sensitivity increase when they encounter something they don’t agree with. But it’s kind of funny how that works since those that tend to call for the cancelation of various shows will often leave some shows alone and target others, showing a clear and definite bias and a great deal of favoritism. If this show is going to come back then there’s no doubt that it needs to be updated in a big way, but hopefully the amount of humor it dealt with back in the day would be able to return as well since, without that, there wasn’t much of a show. It’s a big hope that a lot of people recognize that humor is a big part of what made Ally McBeal a worthwhile show since despite anything else the show needed its humor, no matter if it was a bit crude now and then and no matter if the show pushed ideas that weren’t a part of a ‘woke’ society.

If the show came back, or when it comes back since it would appear that there’s a plan for it, the hope is that an updated version will be just as popular since back in the day when the show was brand new it was one of the many programs that people looked forward to watching whenever a new episode was pushed. As with many shows, there were plenty of times when an episode might have gone a little too far, but people tended to enjoy it since pushing the envelope is typically what a lot of people get into since it either becomes a guilty pleasure or the kind of humor that’s considered kind of troubling but is still able to elicit a laugh. Right now it does sound as though it’s merely an idea and that no serious proposals have been made, but it does feel likely that the show might be revived at some point, providing of course that Calista Flockhart actually wants to do it. That’s the key after all, getting the actual namesake of the show back in action. Without her, it’s a bit pointless unless it becomes a reboot, which could make it an entirely different show.

This strange surge in revivals, reboots, and remakes has been an odd time in the history of TV and movies really, since the whole idea that digging in the past to bring it to the present in order to entertain the people in the same manner isn’t the worst thing, but there are some projects that feel kind of pointless. Those shows and movies that ended on a positive note are definitely hard to figure out when it comes to reasoning why they’re being brought back. Plus, bringing a show such as Ally McBeal back kind of feels as though it’s bound to be censored in a way that will eliminate the jokes and frivolity that the show was composed of so long ago. Considering everything that’s happened in the years since the show went off the air to now, it would be surprising to see the same type of show. In the interest of being fair, there are ways that the show could be brought back and be just as funny, but it does feel as though compromising anything isn’t going to work for anyone that has something to say about it. Being allowed to be hilarious and a little out of control at times might be the only way to go since that was part of what made the show so popular back in the day. Taking away that ability feels as though it would hamper the show in a big way, especially since the comedy it provided was why a lot of people continued to watch.

If the show comes back, it’s not a guaranteed thing yet, it’s a big hope that things won’t change so much that it will be difficult if not impossible to get into. Things change, that much is obvious and it’s kind of necessary a lot of times, but clinging to the reason why a show was popular in the first place should be what a lot of people are trying to do when it comes to bringing this program back. Getting Calista Flockhart to say ‘ok’ is what some folks think will be the easiest portion, and they might be right. But until the contracts are signed and the show is underway we’ll have to wait and see what will happen.

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