American Gods: Conscience of the King

American Gods: Conscience of the King

The war between the old gods and the new gods just picked up another wrinkle that might end up favoring the new gods simply because they appear to be more unified, no matter that it’s under a guise of fear since Mr. World is by far and large an unforgiving and cruel god that demands much and gives back very little in terms of kindness or sympathy. While Technical Boy, who is still glitching uncontrollably from what Bilquis did to him, was given a soft, gentle speech from Mr. World about how much he cares for him, and how much he has invested in him, it’s a bit obvious that Technical Boy will be closely watched from this point on, and possibly replaced if he can’t find some way to fix the glitch. In the meantime, the strange hunk of crystal, or rock, or whatever it is that Mr. World revealed near the end of the episode is possibly the Artifact 1 that was needed for Technical Boy to run his self-diagnostic, but since he knows nothing about its existence, it’s bound to happen that he’ll continue to deteriorate since it doesn’t appear as though Mr. World is going to be sharing the possible cure anytime soon. Plus, thinking about who he was speaking to on the phone, almost in deference, makes it obvious that there’s someone that even Mr. World answers to, which is interesting to be honest since his position has been one that many might have felt was the top of the heap. 

In the meantime, Wednesday’s story continues to unfold, and even unravel, as Odin and Tyr are spoken of from a historical sense during the Revolutionary War when they were traveling mercenaries apparently and still great friends. Upon meeting Demeter, the goddess whom Tyr had fallen for, Odin of course had to assert himself and step over his friend. Tyr, being the man he is, said nothing, but supported both of them in their relationship, no matter how much he was dying inside. More and more it’s evident that Odin, Ofnir, Wednesday, has burnt many bridges over the course of his long life, and has done so with such carelessness that even allowing him back into their lives has been difficult for those that once called him a friend. Even Tyr, who was one of his best friends, has severe reservations about being near him, but Demeter, who he had and lost a child with, is an even bigger quandary that was revealed when it was shown that he left her to seek fortune and adventure elsewhere. There are many things said about Odin in the old stories, and many of them have remained the same since he’s not exactly the warm and fatherly individual that the MCU has shown, but instead the god of wisdom, trickery, deceit, mysteries, and of course, war. This has not sat well with Demeter, who is not a goddess of war and is instead one of the earth, who has throughout her time in the show cloistered herself within the facility she has selected as her home. Upon being released, however, the wrinkle in Wednesday’s plan, in more than one way, is that Demeter chose to return to the world, literally, as her body rejoined with the winds as Wednesday watched, aware that it was a willful act, that she gave herself back to the world. 

So that’s one old god down, and many that still don’t trust Wednesday but might hopefully commit since even Mr. World is apparently thinking that the old gods could attack at any moment. The shift into the image of Danny Trejo is kind of interesting, but the troubling idea that Mr. World has now found another ally in Laura Moon is kind of disturbing since following her return, the twice-deceased ex-wife of Shadow Moon couldn’t help but try to enlist his help in finding Wednesday, only to learn that she had some catching up to do in discovering that Wednesday is in fact Shadow’s father. Not only that, but his flat refusal to help her find him is bound to factor into any idea she might have of trying to win him back if that is in fact a goal. In the meantime, the strange occurrence happening in town as Shadow is informed of a person breaking into homes and stealing ladies undergarments comes to a head when Shadow catches none other than Derek, the busboy he’d become friendly with, running away after dropping a sack of ladies garments. And yes, the young woman, Alison McGovern, is still missing, which is pressing against the last nerve of some of the folks in town. In short, the war between the gods is still very much on, the new gods have gained a possible new weapon while the old gods have lost one, and it would appear that Shadow is bound to be a tie-breaker of sorts in the days to come. Oh yes, things are getting very interesting indeed. 

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