10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amanda Stanton

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amanda Stanton

Amanda Stanton

You think you know a person based on a reality television show only to realize that there is a lot more that they keep hidden. Amanda Stanton won the hearts of many when she was cast in “The Bachelor” hoping to get engaged to Ben Higgins. She was not lucky, but since then, she has moved on to various other relationships while also concentrating on her business. Her book “Now Accepting Roses: Finding Myself while Searching for the One” has revealed a lot about the television personality. Among the discoveries, here are ten you most probably did not know.

1. Why she left her ex-husband, Nick Buonfiglio

Amanda admitted that she was naïve when she got married. Consequently, the relationship proved to be a lesson for her, and as much as she was ready to take everything, a time came when she knew it was over. Amanda recounted how, when she was in labor with her second daughter, Nick arrived at the hospital reeking of alcohol. As if that was not bad enough, he left her alone in the hospital to take a shower, yet their daughter was only hours away from her birth. To Amanda, that was the last straw, and she ended the marriage that nearly lasted three years.

2. Her breakup with Bobby Jacobs took her by surprise

Amanda was entirely blindsided by Bobby claiming he needed some space. To her, everything could not have been better; after all, they had moved in together, and there were no indications of unhappiness. What confused Amanda more was that Bobby talked to everyone else about it, but her and it took her reflection of things to understand what went wrong. With time, she realized they were in different places in their lives and accepted that she had been pushing Bobby, which made him uncomfortable.

3. She hates charades

Robby Hayes met Amanda on Bachelor in Paradise season 4 and when the show ended the two were dating. However, it did not last long because as reported on Hollywood Life, the relationship was not moving in the right direction. By the time of the reunion show, the couple had not communicated in weeks which was not a good sign for Amanda. Robby wanted Amanda to say they were still together, but since Amanda had seen photos of him kissing other girls, she would not bring herself to lie just for show.

4. A hacker leaked her nude photos

“For the love of money is the root of all evil” is a quote from the Holy Bible and every day we see how accurate the statement is. Amanda got a breast augmentation, and her topless photos remained with the doctor. A man, whom she does not know, hacked the database and found her nude photos which he threatened to leak unless Amanda paid him some money. The hacker proved he was not lying since he sent the pictures to several people among whom were ABC producers. The emotional effect the leak had in Amanda was unbearable, and she explained that she felt violated. Moreover, she was in fear of what more confidential information the person had.

5. Her love life currently

Amanda has had several men in her life besides her ex-husband, Nick. Besides Bobby Jacobs, there was also Josh Murray, whom Amanda described as a big kid. After only six months into their engagement, they split up with Amanda citing his controlling behavior as the reason. Currently, the single mother is allegedly dating Brendan Fitzpatrick. Several sources published she was dating the real estate broker, but the two have denied the claims. Still, Amanda disclosed that she is seeing someone who might have won her heart by asking her if it was okay to kiss her.

6. She suffered from low self-esteem

You can only love yourself if you accept everything that has happened to you and use it as a stepping stone, not as a stumbling block. Unfortunately, being in a toxic relationship can make you think less of yourself as it did for Amanda. When she and her husband split, the last words she remembers Nick telling her was that she could not find anyone to love her because she was a single mother of two. The words affected Amanda’s self-esteem, and she was afraid of ever getting into the dating scene again.

7. Why she had breast augmentation

We all want to look good, and for women, an hourglass figure is what many consider ideal. When Amanda was yet to become a mother, she loved her natural B-cup size breasts. However, after breastfeeding her two children, the breasts were almost completely gone. According to her plastic surgeon who talked to E-News, Amanda was the perfect candidate for the procedure. Therefore Amanda wanted her natural look back through silicone implants that increased her breasts by a cup-size.

8. She was arrested under domestic violence charges

In 2018, Amanda was arrested after an altercation with Bobby Jacobs in Las Vegas where she had gone for a bachelorette party. Amanda had some drinks, and they must have affected her better judgement because she shoved Bobby. The hotel’s security found it serious enough to call the police who arrested Amanda. She pleaded not guilty, and the case was later dismissed.

9. Her daughters inspired her clothing line

Parents love dressing up their little girls, and when Kinsley and Charlie were born, Amanda wanted to match with them. Her daughters have a keen fashion sense and will not wear anything they have not picked themselves. Therefore when it came to launching a clothing line, Amanda had to have their input. Kinsley and Charlie picked the colors and tested if the dresses twirled. For Amanda, her main aim was to make affordable, cute and practical clothes for mothers and daughters.

10. Her TV credits

Most people know Amanda from her appearance in “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise.” However even before the reality television shows that also include “Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After” where she featured in one episode, Amanda was still making onscreen appearances. In 2010, she was in an episode of “Jack’s Family Adventure” and “Vickery’s Wild Ride.” In 2017, Amanda was also a cast member of an episode of “Celebrity Family Feud.”

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