A Michael Rooker Toilet Paper Exists and This is Just Awesome

A Michael Rooker Toilet Paper Exists and This is Just Awesome

A Michael Rooker Toilet Paper Exists and This is Just Awesome

This is when toilet humor becomes pretty serious, especially given how hard it’s becoming to find stores that are still stocked with toilet paper. As Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb put it, novelty toilet paper is all well and good for a laugh, but when things get serious and there’s nothing else the typically flimsy stuff is bound to be seen as something that one can’t help but find a use for. But having to use a roll with a noted actors face on it might actually be hilarious or kind of tragic depending on how one feels about Michael Rooker since not everyone is a fan. No matter what it would be kind of awkward to have your toilet paper staring at you before being used, as it might cause some people to actually seize up and deny the call of nature for a while given that some people actually get a bit shy when it comes to anyone looking at them while they’re doing their business. Given the many different roles that Rooker has had in the movies and on TV it’s likely that someone might hear their voice in his head at the wrong moment when it comes time to answer that particular call. Wouldn’t just be a royal pain, knowing you need to use it but finding that the mere look of your toilet paper makes it clear that it could be more of an issue than you were prepared for.


Given that this is a novelty item one would hope that James Gunn might be joking around for a good laugh, but the issue of not having enough toilet paper in the stores has become very real throughout the country as people have gone overboard buying up supplies. This has been especially true since some cities and even states have gone on lock down, with only the most essential of jobs being allowed to continue. It’s kind of funny how those essential jobs that are still supplying the supermarkets are still going, and yet people continue to purchase goods and items as though they’ll be gone tomorrow without any replacements. The binge-buying, the hoarding, and the people that have actually sold such items off to others for marked-up profit kind of proves that human beings, despite having the capacity for great good, are still just as rotten and rancid to the core sometimes as one might imagine. The fact that anyone has forgotten that there are many others that could use the supplies they’re hoarding for good is evidence of just how scared and thus how selfish this nation has become.

Only a short time ago this novelty item might have continued to sit in James Gunn’s attic, basement, storage, wherever he kept it, without ever seeing the light of day since it’s bound to take twice as many sheets to do the work of 2-ply, but in times of desperation actions have to be taken when necessary to get by. It’s a wonder as to whether or not Michael Rooker has seen this since he quit Twitter a while back and might not have noticed Gunn’s handiwork just yet. Hopefully if and when he does however he’ll get a kick out of it, since it’s not everyday that your face is on a product where it might appear to be the most ill-placed. This kind of gag has inspired many a meme and cartoon throughout the years since it’s typically seen that someone will show the face or the name of something or someone they don’t like on a roll of toilet paper as a joke, though some people might take it too far. This is obviously a gag, something between Gunn and Rooker that carries a great deal of good humor, at least until Rooker chimes in to wonder if Gunn is really going to be using the rolls. When you’re in need of course and there’s nothing else there’s nothing for it, but fact that most novelty products are made out of cheap materials would make this roll good for wiping a thin layer of dust at best probably but not much else.

In other news as Kevin Burwick mentioned James Gunn is apparently able to edit the newest version of Suicide Squad from his home so fans out to be happy to hear such a thing since it means that hopefully once the pandemic is behind us, fingers crossed, we’ll be able to see the movie eventually and see just how it might compare to the first version that kind of flopped on its way through the theaters. That might sound a little unfair, but the first movie was something of a train wreck that needed a lot of understanding and acceptance from the fans but didn’t really get it. Hopefully this next movie won’t be more of the same.

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