5 Reasons Urban Legends Have Power


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We’ve all heard an urban legend or two in our time, right? Such legends are fun to read, listen to, and in some cases even believe in since the average urban legend is quite interesting, given that they usually center around something that someone has experienced, heard about, or had some knowledge of in the past. That’s just the thing, though. Many urban legends have to do with the idea that someone has common knowledge of one event or another or a tale that has happened to someone they know. An urban legend is something that might have some basis in truth or might be a complete fabrication since it’s entirely possible to make one up and keep spreading it until someone finally digs beneath the nonsense to show others that it is, in fact, a lot of bunk. But the trick to debunking an urban legend is to find out the root that made it possible in the first place, and to be fair, that’s a tad bit difficult. 

Here are five reasons why urban legends have power. 

5. Thanks to technology, legends can spread even quicker.

Back in the day, before technology started to roll along and become a dominant force in the world, word of mouth was one of the biggest reasons that anything was ever revealed to the public since people talking about something was one of the best ways to make sure it was spread. But as one can guess, the retelling of various urban legends makes it possible for each tale to change with each new telling, as one person will put a spin on it that makes it appear as though it happened to them or someone they knew. Urban legends are tough to nail down when it comes to their origin since there’s no telling who started them or why.  

4. Urban legends have entertainment value. 

The evidence for this is rather obvious since the two Urban Legend movies did their best to keep certain legends alive and even improve on them a little. The movies might have been kind of ridiculous, but they were effective enough to get the attention of the viewers. While some of the legends that were presented weren’t quite as well developed as others, the fact that the movies had several notable actors in them made a big difference. For instance, the appearance of Brad Dourif in the first scene of the first movie made a big difference since a lot of people know who he is and have enjoyed him immensely in many other movies. The same could be said of Robert Englund and his appearance in the movie. The more entertaining it is, the more likely it is that people will be willing to watch it. 

credit: Urban Legend

3. Some urban legends are based on true events and facts. 

One thing to remember about legends and myths is that, typically, they are rooted in facts. Even if a myth or legend is outlandish and has little to no basis in reality, there is a nugget of truth that can be taken from the stories that people enjoy. The fun thing about a myth or legend is that a lot of people tend to become invested in said stories for a variety of reasons, and as a result, the myths and legends continue to spread until they change, evolve, and begin to take on a new life of their own at times. There are plenty of legends that have not changed much over time, but it’s rare that such stories don’t change at all since each new generation tends to have its own take on the stories that have come before. 

2. Rumors and gossip are still powerful tools. 

Anyone that decides to challenge this idea is fooling themselves since rumors and gossip are a large part of the entertainment industry, not to mention the lifeblood that makes it work. If not for rumors and gossip, it’s fair to think that a lot of what goes into Hollywood would never be revealed, and the industry as we know it would be very boring. But there’s also the thought that rumor and gossip are how urban legends have been kept alive for so long since, without such elements, it’s very possible that a lot of legends would have been forgotten by now. People talking out of turn is often how gossip is described, but sometimes it can be a useful tool to keep certain stories in mind. 

credit: Urban Legend

1. People want to believe in something, and they don’t care what it is.

This is one of the biggest reasons that people believe in anything because they want to. They want to know that the unknown has an explanation to it, that there isn’t some yawning void on the other side of the door when they walk out into the world, metaphorically speaking. The average person’s belief system is an integral part of who they are, and if that’s challenged or somehow allowed to crumble, some folks might never remake it out of the house each day. 

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