5 R-Rated Movies (And Franchises) That Shook The World

5 R-Rated Movies (And Franchises) That Shook The World
5 R-Rated Movies (And Franchises) That Shook The World

credit: It (2017)

Have you ever planned on watching a movie and thought to yourself, “Is there a sort of disclaimer about the movie that doesn’t necessarily spoil the contents of the movie?” Have you ever wished for something that is not too much of a spoiler but too cryptic enough to give you a subtle idea of how the movie will go?

What will not give you accidental spoilers is the Motion Pictures Association film rating system. They rate movies according to how well viewers in a five-tier rating system would perceive them.

The MPA system starts with the G rating, meaning it’s for the general public. Children viewing it without adult supervision would not be at all problematic after that is the PG rating. Young kids can still watch the show but require parental guidance. Some material could be upsetting for adults if they find their children exposed.

Next is PG-13, a bit higher than the previous PG level. If, in the previous rating, I could leave my 10-year-old son because I find him mature enough, then for the PG-13, I could not. That is because the PG-13 rating requires parental guidance for viewers at most 13 years of age.

Penultimately, we have the R rating, meaning restricted. In addition, viewers under 17 are strongly advised to have adult supervision while watching. The last would be NC-17, where anyone 17 or below is wholly banned from watching.

With all that in mind, let’s check out some of history’s most iconic R-rated movies or franchises. Unfortunately, having recalled all the rating systems beforehand, we don’t even know if we could recommend you watch these.


5. It

It is a 2017 movie that everyone might have known because of Pennywise, the clown. In the beginning, a kid was dragged into the sewers and had his arm ripped by Pennywise. That would be enough to deduce why this got an R rating.


5 R-Rated Movies (And Franchises) That Shook The World

credit: Sausage Party (2017)


4. Sausage Party

If you think animated films are for kids, then Sausage Party will prove you wrong! It was released in 2016 and was the first 3D computer-animated film to receive an R rating. This was because the (anthropomorphic) food items got sexualized often, like the hotdog buns being too busty. If not being too sexual, the movie was too violent. Seeing the foods being cooked to death is one; seeing a drugged person get decapitated is another.

Sausage Party shook the world, defying the expectations that animated films are child friendly. However, I wonder how many parents thought of that and let their children watch it without supervision.


3. Saw

Saw is a nine-movie horror franchise revolving around the character of “Jigsaw,” a puppet-looking character who puts his victims into difficult situations he would call “games.” The said games were said to make or break the will of his victims to live. He never killed his victims immediately, but he does it slowly through his “games.”

Saw its films getting R-rated due to too much gore, torture, physical and sexual violence, and excessive harmful language.


2. Final Destination

Final Destination is a five-movie franchise from 2000 to 2011. The movie’s premise revolves around one character seeing visions of a group of characters’ deaths, warning them about it. Having escaped their deaths, one by one, they experience a weird chain of events that ultimately gets them killed either way.

Due to too much life loss and the gore, Final Destination received an R rating. It was also pretty traumatizing that ordinary functioning people are still afraid of driving behind log trucks after Final Destination 2.


5 R-Rated Movies (And Franchises) That Shook The World

credit: 300


1. 300

Ah yes, 300, the epic historical movie presenting King Leonidas and his army of 300 Spartans. We even covered that movie before; you can see it here.

The amount of gore in this movie is dwarfed by the previous entries. However, this one is higher on the list because of its value. The viewers can be more amazed and learn from this movie than what they would learn from Sausage Party. There was still a lot of violence here, but at least it was justified here; the viewers would know there was a war going on here, so there was violence.

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