5 Films Where Costume Design Hugely Impacted The Movie

5 Films Where Costume Design Hugely Impacted The Movie

The clothing and costumes that are shown on film can have more effect than just being pleasing or shocking to the eye. They can provide a feel for the movie that might otherwise be absent if the designers decided to go with just anything. Several films would have never had quite the same impact on the viewing public if they’d showcased their actors in something that didn’t fit with the story or the venue in which they were featured. In many ways the right set of clothing can dictate the pace and emotions of the movie, thereby allowing the viewer the chance to experience the film in the precise manner that the director wants. If not for the right clothing, many films might seem more like pleasant but unattractive works of fiction that just barely warrant attention.

In Hollywood films you usually need to go big or go home.

5. The Matrix

This movie was understandably dark, gritty, and shrouded in shadow. It was a method to show the debilitating fate of humanity as the machines continued to dominate the world into which they’d been introduced and then taken over. The costumes had to reflect the dark and desperate mien of the characters as well as the attitude that they were not the traditional heroes, but instead those that simply sought to survive at any cost.

4. Factory Girl

The 1960’s were a very discordant time in the world of fashion and art. This film showcases the somewhat chaotic and jumbled feeling that passed for what was popular back in those days, as well as the emotions that are brought on by various characters that are dressed to represent the differing roles that society presented in this slightly off-kilter decade.

3. The Great Gatsby

There was such a thing as the age of decadence and over-consumption but it is likely known as something else entirely. During the early 1920’s in New York the high life was enjoyed by those that had the money and the social skills to do so. The Great Gatsby would have been far different if the clothing and costumes had been anything less than the best.

2. The Devil Wears Prada

In a movie about fashion the costumes must be spot on and the use of wardrobes in every scene must be so meticulously watched so that not a single strand of hair or loose thread is seen to hang. That is unless such a thing is desired to show the futility of those that attempt and fail to thrive in such an environment. The simple fact that everything must be so perfect drove this film wonderfully.

1. Bladerunner

The chaotic jumble of LA in this futuristic movie was captured by the highly differing styles that were featured throughout the entire cast and large number of extras. Some looked as though they were garbed for elegance and a night on the town while others looked as though they were expecting a torrential downpour to start at any moment. In any case it created a stunning visual that lent a very chaotic bent to the movie that made it much more enjoyable.

Sometimes the clothing makes the movie.


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