Susannah Fielding: 10 Things About the Great Indoors Star

Susannah Fielding: 10 Things About the Great Indoors Star

The Great Indoors is a television comedy about an adventure reporter who is forced to adapt to a new life. He was working for a magazine for years, reporting on some of the most exciting things that were happening at the time. Every day of his working career was an adventure. Suddenly, he finds himself still working for the magazine, but now he is the boss of the magazine’s digital department and he is overseeing a group of millennials. What’s worse is that his ex-girlfriend, Brooke, is his boss. Brooke is played by Susannah Fielding, a theater, television, and film actress.

Susannah’s Early Life

Susannah was born Susannah Glanville-Hearson on June 10, 1985, in Poole, England. After she was born, her family moved to Portsmouth where she lived until she went off to boarding school is Sussex at Christ’s Hospital School. It was when she was at boarding school that she fell in love with acting.

Life After Boarding School

After Susannah graduated from boarding school, she continued her education at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Before she graduated in 2006, she had two major roles in the school’s productions. In the first, she played Trinculo in The Tempest. Her second role was Myrrah in Tales From the Ovid. After she graduated, she decided that she wanted to continue working in the theater for a while.

 Susannah’s First Four Roles as a Paid Actress

Susannah’s first theater roles were productions at the National Theater. The first was in The Rose Tattoo in 2007. Next were the Philistines and Much Ado About Nothing, both were in 2007 as well. Clearly, 2007 was a busy year for Susannah. Her fourth production at the National Theater was in The Hour We Knew Nothing Of Each Other, in 2008.

She Won Awards For Her Theater Performances

Susannah is an excellent actress, and she has the awards to prove in. In 2010, she played Pietra in Ibsen’s An Enemy of The People. The show took place at the Sheffield Crucible. She starred alongside Anthony Sher, and she received an Ian Charleson Award Commendation. She won the award again in 2014 for her role of Portia in The Merchant of Venice at the Almeida Theater. One of the judges who chose Susannah for the award said that while it was a familiar role for many, she made it all her own. He also complimented her on her flawless American accent, since the story is set in a Las Vegas casino.

Susannah’s Break Into Television

Susannah made her television debut in 2008 in Firewall. Her second role was in 2009 on the BBCtelevision series, Wallander. She also had a variety of guest parts on television shows, Doctor Who, The Bill, 1st Night, Kill Keith, and Midsomer Murders. In 2014, she got her first multi-episode role in the miniseries, The Great Fire, playing Lady Castlemaine. In 2016, she played Emma in six episodes of I Want My Wife Back, before landing a lead role in the television comedy, The Great Indoors.

Susannah’s Personal Life

Susannah doesn’t discuss her personal life with the press too often. The last relationship that she went public with was when she was dating Tom Hiddleston. The couple broke up in November 2011, and it has been reported that he ended the relationship. Since their breakup, neither was has dated anyone seriously.

Susannah’s Idols

Susannah has several idols and as coincidental as it may be, all of their names start with J. Her idols include Juliet Stevenson, Jessica Hyes, Julie Walters, and Julia Davis. She said that the reason she looks up to these women is because they play characters who aren’t just some hot guy’s girlfriend. They play strong, funny, and real women. According to Susannah, that is her goal. She doesn’t always want to play the woman beside the man. She has strong ambitions to be the leading lady, and if a male actor is lucky enough, he can play her hot boyfriend.

What Susannah Likes So Much About Acting

Susannah was once asked in an interview what she loved the most about being an actress. She answered that her favorite thing was being able to meet people of all different ages and different backgrounds. She stated that she loved the fact that everyone on set becomes family while they are all working together. According to Susannah, there is a sense of unity and belonging on the set. She says that is the best part of being an actress.

Susannah’s Favorite Television Show

When asked what she does to unwind after a long day, her answer was very simple. After a long day, she loves to get into her pajamas and watch her favorite show, Antiques Roadshow. Susannah says that she is getting better at guessing whether or not the items on the show will be worth something. When asked if she ever wants to be featured on the show, she said no. Watching is more fun.

The Best Advice She Has Ever Been Given

According to Susannah, the best advice she has ever been given when it comes to acting is work breeds work. She was told that every job your get, whether it is big or small, you will learn something from it. Casting directors, directors, and producers hire people who they have worked with, who they know, and who they trust. She has learned to always take a part, even if it isn’t the lead, even if there are only a few lines. The experience is worth more than the money. She says that ever since she was given that piece of advice, she has always taken it to heart.

There is a lot about Susannah that people don’t know. She is actually a very private person, which is part of the reason that you don’t see her on the cover of every tabloid in the supermarket. Since appearing in her new series, the public has wanted to learn more about this amazing actress. Since she is so private, chances are that what you read her is the most that you are going to get.

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