Willie Colon Says Hockey Players are Tougher Than NFL Players on Pro Football Talk

It’s been a hotly contested debate for a number of years.   Who’s tougher?  NFL players or NHL players?  Fans from each sport will continuously argue for their guys but until now we haven’t really heard to many opinions from the players themselves.   However, yesterday, Willie Colon, a guy who started 100 games in the NFL and has a Super Bowl ring had his own opinion.  His opinion was unequivocally that NFL players are tougher.

It’s one thing for a meager guy like me to make this argument but look at Willie Colon.  Seriously look at this guy.   A man that big with a brand on his arm of that size isn’t exactly weak and for him to flat out say that NHL players are tougher warrants some serious consideration.

While this won’t make me any more of a fan of the NHL it’s still something worth sharing as well as learning today.   You can check out Colon’s entire argument below.

P.S. isn’t “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky and not Mario Lemieux?  Come on Willie.


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