Whatever Happened to Marla Heasley?

Whatever Happened to Marla Heasley?

Marla Heasley

What’s interesting about some actors is that acting was never their first choice for a career for one reason or another. Marla Heasley never wanted to be an actress apparently but grew up around the business thanks to her family. Whether it was her choice or someone talked her into it finally is hard to say, but she did eventually find her way into the spotlight for a while as she stayed in for well over a decade before bowing out for the final time in 1993. She did have a recurring role on The A-Team for a while but even that had to end eventually as she moved on and found something else to do. The idea that she never wanted to be a part of the acting industry is kind of amusing since she obviously impressed enough people to keep her career moving forward for a while before she finally decided that she’d had enough. Her desire to go into fashion merchandising was obviously her first choice but after getting into modeling it’s not too hard to think of how she was drawn to the camera and placed in the spotlight for a while. For some it’s the allure of being known, of having their name being spoken by a great many people that happen to find them so talented, while for others it’s a paycheck and something to keep them occupied until they find something else that they want to do, be it a new direction in life or the direction they wanted to take in the first place.

With her estimated net worth of around $15 million though it’s likely that Marla isn’t really feeling any regret from walking away from the spotlight since this is more than enough to live comfortably and live in style for a good long time. Now in her 60s, Marla obviously doesn’t have a lot of financial worries that can plague her as she’s apparently made a few sound investments in her life, one of those having been her time on camera as it’s brought her a great deal of personal fortune and, even with a slightly diminished fan base, enough recognition from those that might possibly remember her from the old shows she was a part of back in the day. While she only really attached herself to a couple of them she still managed to guest star on several and became a known name in her day. It’s fair to state that few people on the street would really recognize her name today since the hard truth of show business is that unless your name becomes known worldwide it’s likely that a lot of people are going to allow it to simply fade from memory simply because there’s no desire from many people to remember stars that are anything but influential in their field. Getting out of the business in the 90s was a personal choice no doubt, but it was one that might have been better served had she waited until the 90s were over, when the 2000s started and things really began to speed up in the industry.

That could have been why she exited though to be fair since things have sped up quite a bit since the 90s and the breakneck pace that’s been set ever since can chew a person up and spit them out quite easily if they aren’t really into what they’re doing. Those that go into acting without really wanting to be there could tend to burn out a lot quicker since there’s always an eye on a different horizon than the one they’re currently moving towards. But then again there’s likely a big number of reasons why she would have left and it’s probably more personal than anyone is willing to let on, be it mundane or not. The point is that Marla made a choice to exit show business and do her own thing after a while, making that decision for herself and likely never looking back. There are many actors from her generation that are still around but if a person were to ask anyone else about them there’s likely only a handful of people that would be able to recognize and list the exploits of those that became popular in the 70s.

Marla did have an impressive career for a while since anyone showing up on the A-Team was bound to be noticed and given at least enough respect for hanging with one of the more popular shows of the time. It is kind of interesting to think that she might have been looking for an exit for a number of years even as she was amassing her fortune, though it’s easier to assume that she was having a decent time while on set and at one point figured that it was the right time to step away.

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