Whatever Happened to Estee Chandler?

Whatever Happened to Estee Chandler?

Whatever Happened to Estee Chandler?

Estee Chandler is another name in the history of cinema that is one that a lot of people might not know unless they happened to have noticed her at one point or another. She has been in several projects from the early 80s to 90s and she did work as a visual effects coordinator and producer on a couple of movies, but apart from that, finding out anything about her is kind of tough since she hasn’t really been active in the business, at least not in an obvious way, since the 90s. One of her biggest roles came in the movie Teen Wolf Too, starring Jason Bateman, in which she starred as Nicki. As far as movies go it wasn’t one of the absolute best since it came on the heels of a movie that was something of a cult classic but didn’t elevate its rising star, Michael J. Fox, all that much when it came to his career. In a big way Teen Wolf Too could have been the last we saw of Jason Bateman and it was almost certainly the only thing that people might remember Estee from since back in the day it might have felt a little inspirational. After all Todd Howard, cousin to Fox’s character, went through the same kind of ordeal when he first ‘wolfed out’ and had to deal with the idea of being a werewolf and what it could bring him. But eventually he found the balance in his life again and stood up to the idea that he could be good enough as himself without having to rely on an innate ability all that often. And really, Nicki was the one that brought him around in her own manner since she wasn’t impressed by the wolf and didn’t really care to be around Todd once he’d become so popular.

Like a good number of actors, Estee kind of fell off the cinematic map after the 90s since there’s almost no real information on her other than her social media account. One might think that she’s much like a lot of actors that looked at what show business had to offer, didn’t want to continue with it, and made her transition out of eventually as she went on to do something else with her life. Being in front of the camera isn’t for everyone obviously since some folks get up there and realize it’s not as much fun as it looks. Then again there are those that try it for a while and just decide to walk away for reasons of their own. Being a star after all isn’t all it’s cracked up to be sometimes and it’s very likely that Estee found something more meaningful that could sustain her and keep her busy in a way she enjoyed. It does sound kind of mean but it’s also a safe bet that no one has really missed her apart from those that worked with her in the past possibly, though even then it’s hard to say since she wasn’t around all that long and in a way it’s almost as though she had a fling with the business and not much else. That sounds awkward but when an actor only sticks around for so long, in this case roughly a decade or so, give or take a year, it’s easy to state that it’s more of a passing fancy than something that might eventually turn into a life long career. Of course some folks might say that a decade is long enough to establish yourself in anything and they’d be right. But when it comes to show business some folks have popped in and out multiple times while some have been one and done with their careers, while some have stayed in for a while until they figured out it wasn’t for them.

Her time in social media however does appear to have set her on a course that she’s fully integrated with and happens to enjoy, which is great to see since it’s obvious that she is having a better time online championing one subject or another than she might have had she stayed in show business. Some folks do well within the first couple of years of their career starting, others take a while to really get going, and some turn into jobbers that are basically glorified extras and supporting characters for most of their career. While the truth is that she did make it into show business and can continue to claim this for the rest of her days, it almost feels as though she was trying to hang on for a while just to see if she could make her career go anywhere. When it was obvious that it wouldn’t she bowed out and found something else, which is nice to see.

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