Watch Out Packers Fans: Aaron Rodgers Spotted with Kelly Rohrbach

Watch Out Packers Fans: Aaron Rodgers Spotted with Kelly Rohrbach

Only weeks after the announced breakup of Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn, Rodgers was spotted hitting the links with none other than Baywatch star Kelly Rohrbach.   Packers fans did a collective celebration on the internet once Munn and Rodgers called it quits.  Many took to social media proclaiming that the Packers would be world champions and that Rodgers would have one of his best seasons ever.   Sorry folks.  Olivia Munn is gorgeous but now you have the modern day CJ (AKA Pamela Anderson’s Baywatch character) to contend with.

If you thought Rodgers was distracted by Munn, imagine what it’s going to be like seeing that red one piece on screen all the time.   According to TMZ 

Witnesses tell us Rodgers and Rohrbach appeared to be holding hands and looked flirty — until they noticed people watching them. Both Rodgers and Rohrbach are avid golfers — so maybe it was just a platonic trip to the links.

Platonic?  No.  Aaron Rodgers isn’t just going to play golf with one of the most gorgeous blondes that’s about to get talked about a ton as soon as her movie is released.  Life doesn’t work that way.  Be afraid Packers fans.  Be very afraid.

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