Try to Imagine Ahsoka Tano as a Sith

Try to Imagine Ahsoka Tano as a Sith

Try to Imagine Ahsoka Tano as a Sith

The fact that the Star Wars universe feels like it’s in flux most of the time makes it quite easy to think about the many ‘what ifs’ that might have occurred over the past two decades and how things could have gone differently had one or more aspects of the franchise been allowed to explore other paths. The Jedi and the Sith have become dominant forces in this franchise over the years and there are a lot of good reasons why since many of those that have wielded the Force in one way or another are seen as a prime example of ‘what if’ when it comes to their place in the story. After all, if key figures that were important to the story at one point or another had switched sides for any number of reasons that could have occurred, or if they had somehow discovered how flawed the Jedi Order really was, it’s fair to think that some of them might have jumped ship. Many would argue that Ahsoka Tano never would have become a Sith, no matter what. She would have gladly died in service to the Force, right? But still, what if?

There’s no doubt that she would be one of the deadliest Sith warriors to ever join the ranks, but the interesting question is whether she would have been able to survive as a Sith lord when pitted against others that were equally ambitious and skilled in the Force. Setting her against Emperor Palpatine feels as though it would be an uphill battle that wouldn’t go well for Ahsoka since, even though it’s been seen that Rey could overcome Palpatine, it’s also because she had a serious upgrade by taking on the support of the Jedi from the past, meaning that one her own she still wasn’t quite as powerful. Plus, while Ahsoka could easily take on Rey thanks to her experience and years of training, not to mention her use of tactics and knowledge of the Force, she still wouldn’t quite match a Palpatine that was at his prime. 

But imagining Ahsoka as a Sith would change a lot of things that have happened in the Star Wars universe to date. One might think that it would even think that it might set her against Obi-Wan Kenobi as well, and perhaps even set her against the Republic in its infancy. Imagining Ahsoka as a Sith lord that would be set upon the Jedi makes one think that perhaps she and Vader would have been set against each other as well, in which case it’s even harder to think of who would come out on top since their fight in Rebels was a tough one to call. But now try to imagine that she wouldn’t hold back with Maul, especially since her desire to avoid killing would no longer be an issue. What kind of a fighter would Ahsoka be when her inhibitions were loosened, and even lost entirely? It’s the type of question that a lot of people don’t ask since it would appear that trying to imagine someone so pure and good as an evil character just doesn’t fit. That makes sense, given how Ahsoka has been seen up to this point. 

Had she gone over to the Sith, it feels easy to think that Maul, Vader, and anyone else that dared to pick up a lightsaber would have been put on notice since this is a young Jedi that wasn’t all-powerful when she was younger, but at the same time, she went toe to toe with some of the toughest individuals in her time and survived. Not only that, but she went on to become an even bigger threat to those that sought to terrorize others. But thinking of how things could have gone if she’d been the one to break bad makes it easy to believe that she would have run riot on quite a few would-be Sith warriors that might have clung to Palpatine’s side. She might have even ended the Skywalker line had she been able to take on and take out Obi-Wan Kenobi. Without being a Sith, Ahsoka and Obi-wan would be a decent fight, even if Kenobi would end up winning more often. But with Ahsoka as a Sith, this fight could go in a few different directions, especially if Tano was no longer worried about who she hurt. 

Granted, her moral center is strong enough that becoming a Sith would never happen. But at the same time, allowing one’s imagination to roam in this manner is interesting since, without any checks and balances on her actions, it feels as though Ahsoka would still be a calm and controlled force. An Ahsoka Tano that was a fully-fledged Sith that didn’t care about anyone would be a force of nature that many people might not be able to stop, or even stand against. 


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