The Top Five Jeff Goldblum Movie Roles of His Career

The Top Five Jeff Goldblum Movie Roles of His Career

The Top Five Jeff Goldblum Movie Roles of His Career

Jeff Goldblum seems a little bit out there when you first watch him in any movie, but that’s a big part of his charm really. He’s the over the top actor that doesn’t so much conform to his roles as he does embrace them and become them in such a way that you really tend to think that he is that person. It doesn’t matter what role he’s in that steadfast attitude that’s largely the same per role seems to mold and adapt to the situation in a way that only he seems able to do. It doesn’t matter what role he’s put into, his personality takes it over so completely that you can’t help but find him a little endearing even if he’s the bad guy. He’s just that great of an actor.

Here are some of his absolute best roles.

5. Aaron-The Prince of Egypt

He played the skeptical brother of Moses and Miriam in this tale of how Moses came to leave his life of luxury and become the rightful leader of his people. Aaron isn’t all that keen on letting Moses into his life or Miriam’s right away, and is even a bit cruel when Moses finally returns to Egypt in an attempt to free his people. Eventually Aaron accepts that his brother is in fact sincere.

4. Nick Deezy-Vibes

A lot of people won’t likely remember this role but it was one that played to Jeff’s strengths in such a way that he barely had to act to make it work. He almost seemed flummoxed by Cindy Lauper to be honest but that was really just another part of the role considering that her character was all over the place. Despite the poor reviews of the movie it was still one of his best role.

3. David Levinson-Independence Day

The president and the white house staff owe David a big debt of gratitude for reaching DC when he did. Otherwise they would have been giving press conferences and telling the American people not to panic even as the building was being blown to atoms around them. Yet for all that he did save their lives they treat him like a nuisance right up until he figures out a way to defeat the aliens, no matter how kooky it sounds.

2. Ian Malcolm-Jurassic Park

Malcolm is one of the only people on the island that really makes sense considering that he believes John Hammond is making one of the biggest mistakes ever conceived in the history of nature. Dinosaurs were given their shot at ruling the world, and while it lasted they were dominant. But bringing back a species that hasn’t existed for millions upon millions of years doesn’t just seem like a bad idea, it seems like one that could essentially doom the human race if it went too far.

1. Seth Brundle-The Fly

Big, fancy ideas to bring humanity into the future don’t always turn out so well in movies. Brundle figured this out the hard way when the same science that he was trying to use to elevate human started taking him in the opposite direction. His disgusting transformation into the human fly was absolutely horrifying and more than a little disturbing when he was still wholly human in appearance.

Jeff Goldblum has done a lot in his career and is still going strong, hopefully for many years to come.


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