The Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode Five: Whine With Your Shade, Madam?

The fifth episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta finally introduced the world to this season’s alleged pot-stirrer Marlo Hampton, who was originally groomed to be NeNe Leakes’ nemesis this year. However, if you pay attention to the blogs and certain people’s Twitter accounts, then you will know that the smoke will eventually clear between the two women, but it won’t be a pretty road getting there. Shade was tossed around with a side of whine for good measure last night, but the overall product left me thirsty for more, and not in a good way.

Marlo, with her boyfriend Charles Grant, came onto the scene during a fashion show hosted by Cynthia (which I will get on later) and it didn’t take long before Sheree, Phaedra, and Ms. Lawrence revved up the Gossip Express, sending it on a nonstop course to run right smack into NeNe and knock her down a peg or fifty. For those of you who have been in the dark about the ties between NeNe, Marlo, and Mr. Grant, the basic story is that NeNe allegedly slept with Charles Grant while still married to her now ex-husband Gregg. The news is very dated and was first brought to light during the second season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but had died down as of late. There has never been any real proof of NeNe dipping outside her marriage, but despite what Mr. Grant eagerly gave the women at the BarOne opening, something tells me that Marlo is an innocent bystander in NeNe and Charles’s crosshairs. If there are any…

But NeNe won’t get off the hook too easily with me tonight. What in God’s name took her so long to get to the party? I don’t buy the Hens’ explanation of NeNe being intimidated by Charles and Marlo’s appearance at the event, but there was something weird going on there and it was more than a “wardrobe malfunction.” I mean, seriously. NeNe has threatened several “wardrobe malfunctions,” while filming and during her confessionals, so she could have still made the venue on time. One thing is for sure, Cynthia was sort of pissed but not too much.

When everything is all said and done, Marlo’s introduction on the show wasn’t as noteworthy as Brandi Glanville’s first impression on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In fact, Phaedra seriously souped up Marlo and Charles relationship as if they were a much-respected, legit, power couple in Atlanta. But if you follow the blogs, and even Bravo’s official website (which doesn’t list Marlo as even a “Friend of the Housewvies ala Glanville), you would know that Marlo and Charles’s coupledom is as highly exaggerated as Chateau Sheree. In other words, take it with a grain of salt.

Speaking of Sheree, she had her much lauded confrontation with her ex-husband Bob, who was not phased by Sheree’s water toss to his face nor her threats of a lawsuit over child support. Instead, he challenged Sheree to do her worst, because he felt that since Sheree is an “abled body female,” then she should be able to provide for the kids. As much as I despise Sheree, I do think she’s entitled to child support (as long as it doesn’t go into funding Chateau Sheree, that is). But if Bob is broke, what would sending him to jail do other than further deprive financial need from her kids? It’s this dilemma that faced Sheree, but in the end she made her decision to fight Bob in court with Phaedra by her side. Not only will taking Bob to court give Sheree a firm storyline on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but we as an audience will finally get a glimpse of Phaedra Parks, Attorney-at-Law, in action in the courtroom. It should be quiet interesting all around.

Kandi went and tried to reconcile with Mama Joyce, who was still a bit miffed about ReDickulous and Phaedra not respecting her enough to warn her before revealing the birthday gift that keeps giving, and she’s right. Phaedra should have warned Mama Joyce before revealing Redickulous to the party, especially given her upbringing and mother’s involvement with the church. Mama Joyce did reveal that she didn’t want people thinking that she was trying to act ‘young’ and not having any grace whatsoever, which really isn’t really bad when you look at it. It’s all about respecting your mother and that’s basically all that Mama Joyce asked for. Now wonder if Mama Joyce will be there for her daughter once Kandi eventually reveals her sex toy line?

While talking to her family, Cynthia revealed how Peter’s investor’s check bounced and how she was thinking about helping Peter in his time of need by cutting the check herself. Mal got upset quick, which annoyed the hell out of a lot people watching the show, but in some aspects, can you blame her? Cynthia is Mal’s source of income and we all know that Cynthia is not bringing in the dough that she used to. So basically money is tight and Mal is only looking after her pocket book as well as her sister’s well being, but she’s going about it the wrong way. Luckily, Peter didn’t want to take Cynthia’s money and declared that he had everything under control and that she shouldn’t worry about a thing. Okay, Peter, we are going to hold your word on that…

Also Cynthia was asked to MC a fashion show (where Marlo and Charles showed up) and bombed badly on the podium as she butchered the notecards given to her. Seeing Cynthia failing epically on calling out the correct names of the designers and their work, Phaedra had to repeat the age old adage of “Models should be seen, not heard,” which was hard to disagree with at first glance.

Kim and NeNe didn’t have much going for them last night, but that will most definitely change next week as Kim goes into labor and NeNe goes on a date with another wealthy man.

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