The Indiana Jones Easter Egg You Didn’t Realize was In Deadpool 2

The Indiana Jones Easter Egg You Didn’t Realize was In Deadpool 2

It’s always a lot of fun to see references to other movies from years before being added into newer movies from time to time, but there is a question as to whether a lot of people noted the Indiana Jones reference that Deadpool 2 added early in the movie. The scene in which Deadpool is running from a mob of angry gangsters is almost a direct reference to Indiana Jones from Raiders of the Lost Ark when he was running from the angry mob of Hovitos and yelling for Jock to start the plane. Deadpool 2 went that far as well as Wade was yelling at Dopinder to start the car, with a little more colorful language thrown in there for flavor. The effect is about the same though, the hero’s running from a group that wants to kill him and the unwitting individual that’s waiting to give him a ride to safety has to get the vehicle running quickly and get them both out of there in a hurry so as to avoid the angry mob and keep the movie going. Plus, the accomplice is someone that the hero knows and has had dealings with before. For Dopinder, his relationship with Deadpool is kind of filled with mixed messages and a lot of potential danger, but where the movie differs from Raiders of the Lost Ark is that Dopinder actually comes back into the scene near the end of the movie. He runs and hides the moment that the Juggernaut says he wants to shove him up Deadpool’s backside, but he does come back anyway.

Deadpool 2 isn’t the only movie that’s referenced Indiana Jones over the years obviously, which means that the movies and the famed archaeologist are still fondly remembered and are still a huge part of pop culture since there is the idea that there might be another movie on the horizon. It might have appeared that Indy might be passing the torch to his son Mutt during the last movie, but there were a lot of fans hoping like hell that this wouldn’t happen, either because they didn’t care for Shia LaBeouf and his character, or perhaps because they couldn’t see anyone but Harrison Ford taking on the role. The fact that River Phoenix played a young Indiana wasn’t much of an issue as it was a short part and it didn’t last that long. But seeing anyone else put on that fedora and do what Indy does tends to make a lot of people anxious since no one’s been able to do it better, despite the fact that no one has really tried. The idea of making another Indiana Jones movie is one that might give some people a bit of anxiety simply because it’s easy to wonder just what Indy might go after this time and if it would finally be the last movie before he hangs up the whip and the hat and calls it good. But it does sound as though Harrison Ford and those that are interested in making the next movie if it ever arrives, are more concerned with doing something original instead of giving fans more of what they’ve already seen.

That sounds like a great idea actually since with Raiders of the Lost Ark and Temple of Doom the themes weren’t too far out there, but they were still innovative enough that the movies stood out in a big way when it came to their content. Even The Last Crusade touched upon a subject that a lot of people had an interest in, but did so in its own way. The next movie kind of needs to be something that will blow everyone away since Kingdom of the Crystal Skull felt like too much of the same despite the different story and the move away from the supernatural to science fiction. It does make a person wonder though, what time period would the next movie be set in and will Indy be able to actually make it to the end of the movie this time. Harrison Ford isn’t a young man anymore, and by extension neither is Indy, which means that even with a stuntman he’s going to be less and less believable when it comes to certain scenes and it’s going to come down to the idea that he might actually be performing actual archaeology this time around instead of defiling and raiding tombs and crypts to find hidden messages and items that he needs to decipher some great secret. Real archaeologists actually cringe when someone says that Indiana Jones inspired them to at least try archaeology since the movies are nothing like the real thing. But with another movie hopefully coming at some point it’s enough to think hope for something that will be utterly amazing, and possibly the last movie we’ll ever get from Indiana Jones.

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