The Debate Over The ‘Strongest Avenger’ Has Gotten Out of Hand

The Debate Over The ‘Strongest Avenger’ Has Gotten Out of Hand
The Debate Over The ‘Strongest Avenger’ Has Gotten Out of Hand

Credit: Avengers

How many times has the idea of who the strongest Avenger is come up between fans? The debate was never really in question initially when the Hulk and then Thor were introduced since these two were the powerhouses of the MCU and were undisputed since there weren’t a lot of characters to set them against at that time. The Abomination might have counted at one point, but since he wasn’t brought back until the Shang-Chi movie came out, he was largely forgotten and thought to be little more than a joke when he came back during the She-Hulk series. But in terms of raw power and strength, I’ll be looking at those who are far more physical and don’t deal with magic quite as much, which excludes the likes of Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, and a few others. Some think that Spider-Man is a worthy addition to the list since he did outsmart Doctor Strange, but in a slugfest, Spidey is way out of his league in this matter. Let’s be fair and say that the magicians would stomp most of the Avengers since in a battle of wits, they would trump just about anyone. But when it comes to punching power and the type of raw energy that any of these individuals bring to the battle, there are three that stand heads and shoulders above the others. 

The Debate Over The ‘Strongest Avenger’ Has Gotten Out of Hand

credit: Avengers Infinity War

Like it or not, Captain Marvel is not being pressed under the weight of sexism any longer. If anything, she’s been given a serious upgrade that grants her a bit of superiority over many others. 

Upon her entrance into the MCU, it can be stated that Carol Danvers was being held back in a way since her memories were gone, and she was seen being treated in a less-than-equal fashion since she’s a woman in what many still claim to be a man’s field. But the upgrade she’s received since then makes this argument less than valid since the amount of sacrifice that she hasn’t been made to undergo kind of undercuts the idea that heroes have to earn what they have. The implication that she’s earned it because of her past is all well and good, but many have countered with the idea that she was pushed to the forefront of the Avengers without having earned her spot. That’s a debate that can take another article or more, but the point is that she is one of the strongest Avengers, though whether she’s THE strongest is still up for debate. 

The Hulk is just one of several characters that have had his power levels altered throughout the course of the MCU. 

There’s a reason why, in the comics, the Hulk is known as a World Breaker, and it’s because he can do just that when he’s pressed to do so. Plus, when he wasn’t the smart Hulk, he didn’t feel the need to check his power so often unless it had to do with protecting others. But the rage that the Hulk has been able to tap into for so many years has made him one of the most formidable individuals that the Avengers have ever allowed into their ranks. What’s regrettable is that upon becoming the smart Hulk, his savagery has been lessened to such a degree that it’s fair to think that the Hulk could no longer contend with some of the most powerful figures in the MCU. Hopefully, that’s not the case, but it does feel as though his savagery goes hand in hand with his strength.

The Debate Over The ‘Strongest Avenger’ Has Gotten Out of Hand

Credit: Avengers: Infinity War

The post-Endgame Thor has access to powers that many characters could only dream of in terms of physicality. 

Many people are of the mind that if a fight between Captain Marvel and Thor did break out that CM would have the ability to put the Odinson down. There are a few problems with that reasoning, the largest being that despite the fact that he’s been made kind of a dummy in the MCU, Thor is actually a wise and seasoned fighter that has centuries on Carol in terms of fighting experience and his power is so insanely OP that it’s kind of a moot point to think that she could tank a hit from Thor and keep going. The Asgardian would run riot over Captain Marvel, and yet he’s still not considered by many to be stronger. Oh well. 

At the end of the day, they’re all on the same side, and the writers are the ones who determine which character is the most powerful. 

This is the point that many don’t want to face considering that it would remind them, again, that every MCU character is fictional and their powers don’t make a lot of sense when placing them against what we know to be real. The writers of the Avengers could arguably be called the strongest Avengers since, well, they bring these characters to life. 

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