The 10 Best Short Films of the Past 10 Years

The 10 Best Short Films of the Past 10 Years

The 10 Best Short Films of the Past 10 Years

When one really thinks about it, short films are how the entertainment industry really started out in a way since at one point and time movies didn’t last for two to three hours, and they certainly didn’t have the effects that they have now. This is why short films are still important since they don’t just tell a story in a short period of time, but they could very well give way to something bigger and much more impressive while at the same time being just as amazing and eye-opening for their brevity when it comes to delivering a quality tale that people can enjoy. The average short film doesn’t last that long, but it can be every bit as complex as a full-length feature and can leave an audience just as satisfied or confused as to what just happened. This takes a bit of skill, but it can also be completed in a few masterful strokes that will enable the directors of such films to be dubbed as geniuses since doing far less while yielding a much greater response is a great trick to have in one’s toolbox.

Here are ten of the greatest short films of the past decade.

10. The Chair

Some folks might think that this is a bit too much for a world that’s currently suffering from a pandemic, but at the very least this story has a way of concluding on a note that might sound different to each person that watches it. But the whole idea of the chair is to be used as a plot device, as one should be able to guess, to help understand the underlying theme that drives this film since it has way too much realism in it for some people to handle.

9. Caroline

Who a viewer stands with when it comes to the subject of this video is bound to determine for a lot of people just what kind of person they might be since the idea of leaving your kids in the car on a hot day is abhorrent to most parents, but some will actually claim that they were in no danger. Amazing as that is, the fact that the people trying to help only made things worse is also apparent, as Caroline is eventually willing to defend her mother, even though the woman left her and her siblings in the hot car, instead of taking them inside with her.

8. A Gentle Night

While the trailer doesn’t give much, the premise of the story kind of says it all since a mother with a missing daughter isn’t going to go quietly into that good night and the hours between dusk and dawn aren’t bound to be gentle. Watching films such as this tend to get to a lot of people in a very profound way since the emotion that’s packed into them, even if it’s not always depicted, is rather hard to get around.

7. A Night at the Garden

There are times when it feels as though stories such as this are what Americans today use as their basis for calling their fellow Americans Nazis, especially since there is a sordid history within America that is not perfect. It is a bit unnerving to see the American flag, the Nazi salute, and the swastika all lumped into the same production. But if people are reading their history then they’ll know that this is no longer the goal of the nation.

6. Acid Rain

‘Acid Trip’ would have been an acceptable title for this short film since it follows the life of a young woman that departs from her boring hometown only to find herself on a trip leading to nowhere with a person that’s likely into a few illegal things that take her on an adventure that may or may not be the best thing for her. But at the very least it’s an experience and a journey that was devised to entertain the masses.

5. The Phone Call

Any show, movie, or even story about a mysterious phone call usually ends up being something that will be lifechanging in one way or another since the whole idea behind it is the unexpected nature of the call and whatever the person on the other end of the line is going to offer. There are many stories such as this that are either positive or negative, but they’re all interesting in their own right.

4. Thunder Road

One wouldn’t think that a eulogy would be the best idea for a great short film but this does work somehow and it does manage to tug at the emotions as people have noted. It could be that it’s simply what people need now, or it could be something else, but it was definitely worth it to many people to watch.

3. The Neighbor’s Window

It’s hard not to be young anymore, as the couple in this film discover, but it’s even harder when you notice another couple appearing to have the time of their lives. But when it’s revealed that this was because the husband wasn’t long for this world the resentment and bitterness made little to no sense and was easier to let go. Sometimes we have to remember what we have, rather than what we feel we’re missing.

2. ReMoved

Being a foster parent isn’t easy, but it’s slightly less difficult than being the foster kid that has to deal with various individuals throughout their lives either looking down on them or mistreating them if things don’t go right. This short film shows the pitfalls of this particular system that are unfortunately very real.

1. Night Shift

There is a certain level of anxiety that comes with working a night shift, but this film definitely goes above and beyond that since it’s something that a student put in as their final dissertation. There’s nothing to take away from it for that since it was fairly well done, but it’s one perspective when working the night shift.

Short films are worth the effort, without any doubt.

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