Riverdale Season 2’s Promo Leaves us With Questions

Riverdale Season 2’s Promo Leaves us With Questions

Season 1 of Riverdale was a success, so it should come as no surprise to learn that Season 2 of Riverdale is coming out in October of 2017. Since that is not so far off in the future, more and more marketing materials are being revealed, which in turn, mean that more and more fodder is being provided for those in the fandom who love nothing more than some speculation. The latest example is a promo called “Desperate Times,” which is short but still more than enough to create interest in those who see it.

What Does the Promo for Season 2 of Riverdale Tell Us?

For example, there is a rather striking shot of Archie with a gun towards the end of the promo, which fits well with what has been said about him becoming a darker character in search of revenge in Season 2 due to the shooting of his father Fred. However, it is interesting to note that the first episode of the season is named “A Kiss Before Dying,” which does not bode well for Fred’s chances of survival. It is possible that Archie will want revenge because his father will be too hurt to keep him from pursuing revenge with his own two hands, but considering the title as well as the sheer grimness that is radiating from the promo, the more probable scenario seems to be a death in the Andrews family

Of course, Archie’s search for revenge is tied to wider events that have been stated for Season 2. People who watch the promo might wonder what it means when it states that there will be a war, but it has been revealed that the north and south sides of Riverdale will be the participants in that particular conflict, though it remains to be seen how much blood will be shed in the process. It seems probable that the shooting of Fred will be connected to this particular event in some manner, which means that it seems probable that Archie will be pulled into the mess one way or another. However, it remains to be seen how the other characters will react, though based on the promo, it seems probable that Veronica will remain supportive of her boyfriend.

Some people have speculated that a figure seen in the promo could be the Black Hood, who is a popular superhero created by what would become Archie Comics during the Golden Age of Comic Books. However, even if this speculation is correct, that does not tell us much because there have been a number of people behind the costume over the course of the superhero’s existence. Furthermore, the number of people behind the costume means a wide range of possibilities for the character’s role on Riverdale, which could prove interesting. With that said, a superhero would bring a more fantastical side to the TV show, which in turn, causes us to wonder whether that means Archie Comics’s more fantastical elements will be at least making an appearance in the TV show as people have been speculating since the start.

Regardless, it seems probable that Season 2 of Riverdale will be taking a darker tone with the fallout from the finale of Season 1, which in turn, promises to make its characters darker as well. However, it seems probable that the TV show will retain the other core elements that made it so successful, meaning that interested individuals should be able to expect an enjoyable combination of both the old and the new.

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