Red Sonja Movie Officially Announced Following ‘Wonder Woman’ Success

Red Sonja Movie Officially Announced Following ‘Wonder Woman’ Success

Red Sonya is making a comeback and it has a lot to do with the success of Wonder Woman. People seem to want female superheroes and both DC and Marvel have been on track to bring them forward. There’s a Captain Marvel comic in the works, Jessica Jones on Netflix, and a more serious angle being put on making women into the lead stars of these films. Red Sonya however was a lead before the rest of these women ever got considered, save for Wonder Woman. Her original movie starring Brigitte Nielsen and Arnold Schwarzenegger was met with mixed love and hate from many fans of the fiery, redheaded warrior, but her legend has been something that outlasted her one and only onscreen appearance. The question now is, what’s she going to be up to in this coming film?

The idea of the original film is most definitely going to be scrapped since Nielsen won’t even be an option and Schwarzenegger won’t even get close to this film if I’m guessing it right. The original film was more or less attempting to bank on the popularity of Conan at the time and would have been an even bigger flop if not for the appearance of Schwarzenegger in a different role. In fact if you look at the original movie poster Arnold got top billing and it wasn’t even his movie. Plus, Nielsen was viewed as more of a sex symbol than anything despite having the attitude of distrusting men with a passion.

If you remember correctly however she didn’t hate all men, she just didn’t like being touched or even approached by men her age or older, basically anyone that could be considered a threat. Kalidor, played by Schwarzenegger, means well in attempting to help Sonya but is constantly shunned by her, while the young prince Tarn, who fancies her as well but is far too young, is mistrustful of Kalidor and seeks to make Sonya his own. Eventually everyone sorts out their own feelings and they embark upon a journey to defeat and evil queen and retrieve a powerful relic, but in the end Sonya and Kalidor can no longer hide their feelings and Tarn goes on his way to rebuild his kingdom.

That’s a short and rather choppy version of what happened but the point is that Sonya is a tough, tough woman and that is what people are looking for at this time as far as movies go. They want a female heroine that’s able to stand up to the men and dish out as much pain as she can take. Considering the tragedy of Sonya’s current back story it would seem that such a goal could make anyone into a hardened warrior.

This time around however Sonya could be a real hit considering that the technology is better, the choreography would certainly be better, and whoever is cast as the fire-haired warrior might actually get top billing, depending on who it is.

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