Property Brothers Season 11 Premiere: Does the Show Still Have It?

Property Brothers Season 11 Premiere: Does the Show Still Have It?

It’s difficult not to love the Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott. We all know that they are licensed professionals in the contracting and real estate industry, but we also know that they’re actors. Yet somehow, the last 10 seasons never felt like anything forced. It’s a testament to their personalities and talents, which we all love to see unfold on the screen. They’re back again for season 11, and it feels as if they haven’t changed one bit, in the most positive sense of that thought, and the show is still just as good as ever.

Season 11 opens up with expectant couple Ken and Emily, who are looking for a suburban home. The couple is currently living in a family member’s basement. It’s not an easy situation to be in, especially for a family that’s only about to get bigger in a few more months. While the kids in their current home are good practice for the time when their future child comes, the couple is constantly looking for their own space and privacy.

Right off the bat, they mention things that they’re looking for in their new home. It’s the usual list that includes open space, a kitchen according to Ken’s standards, a separate dining room, and a backyard for their dog, Milo. They have a budget of just a little over $1 million dollars, but they don’t think this is enough to work with in order to get everything that they want in the area that they want.

The brothers have their work cut out for them, and they get to work right away by showing Emily and Ken a mid-century modern charmer right in the area where they want to be. It’s a definite hit for the couple, as the house they’re looking at literally has everything they asked for minus a few minor details. The house, however, is selling for $1.7 million, way over their initial budget. So the next plan is as usual: find a house they can renovate according to their specifications–all before the baby comes.

They first see a detached, yellow home that’s in their ideal neighborhood. It has a small kitchen that the couple can’t quite picture to be their renovated dream. They see another house that has a small square footage but backs into some good outdoor space. The layout is weird but it’ll save them over $200k to put towards renovations. They end up choosing the first house, paying over $800k to own it. The rest of the money is to go towards renovations, which Jonathan starts right away. They have 7 weeks to finish the job, just enough time for Emily and Ken to get their home ready for their baby’s arrival.

The first problems come up when they find out that the walls are full of asbestos. They get that taken care of immediately, while they do whatever demo work they can at the moment. The crew finishes up the demo and asbestos removal within the week, and they proceed with the rest of the renovation. The couple gets more bad news with beam resets, electrical rewiring, and so many other structural issues that cost close to $20k out of the budget. They finally get moving along with the progress of the home, and the couple tries to find ways to save money for their baby. Jonathan works with the couple the best he can, and he brings the house together beautifully. They even end up squeezing in a baby room in the end. The end renovation is Emily and Ken’s dream home, and the reveal is more than the couple ever expected.

The premiere shows us that the Scott brothers haven’t lost their touch after all these seasons, and we’re looking forward for more renovations in the upcoming episodes.

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