Some of the Most Memorable Sonic Screwdriver Moments

Some of the Most Memorable Sonic Screwdriver Moments

Some of the Most Memorable Sonic Screwdriver Moments

There was some sad new in the Whoniverse recently. Victor Pemberton, creator of the sonic screwdriver, just passed away. The sonic is the Doctor’s tool of choice, and has unlocked many a door, handcuffs, opened robots, and even been used to go fishing after a fashion. The sonic is almost it’s own character, and plays a vital role in many of the Doctor’s adventures, it is in fact of the most recognizable items from the show, despite frequently changing designs. In honor of this man’s great contribution to the show we all adore, and one of its signature items, here is a look at some of the sonic’s more recent, memorable moments.

The Day When The Doctor’s Compared Sonics

Perhaps one of the best sonic scenes in recent history, we see both Ten and Eleven hesitantly reach for their sonics at the same time, then Eleven flings his open with a cocky smirk, Ten extends his as well with a smug “compensating” comment towards Eleven. While there have been many, much more important scenes with the sonic, this one deserves a spot just for comedic relief!


Another great sonic scene happens just a few moments later when the “War” Doctor shows up. He chats condescendingly to them a moment, then takes a step towards them. Ten and Eleven are both pointing their screwdrivers at him, when he chides them for holding their sonics “like that,” going on to state that they weren’t “water pistols.” Both Ten and Eleven look a trifle shamed and put theirs away. Again, this scene is just on here for pure smile factor!

(About 1:24)

Wifey Puts Him In His Place

Another great recent Who moment has to be when Eleven is back to back with his wife (River Song) fighting off the Silence. River is (of course) shooting her gun and asks Eleven what he’s doing, he shouts “helping!” to which River cheekily replies that he should “go build a cabinet.” Eleven retorts “That’s really rude!” He hates to have his toys insulted! It was a great example of their interaction and dynamic relationship, so it earns a place on the list!

The Day He Broke It

Nothing beats a sad Doctor, except of course a pouty one. During one early episode of Ten with Martha, Ten uses his sonic only to discover he has broken it. He stares at it dismayed and keeps repeating “my sonic screwdriver!” as Martha tries to talk to him about the ongoing situation. She gets frustrated and shouts “Doctor!” He gives one last little sad, “I love my screwdriver” and then tosses it away over his shoulder. This wasn’t the first time the sonic had been broken or destroyed, but it was a cute scene.

 No Wood Allowed

While they don’t strictly stick to the “no wood” rule, there was a great scene in the Library with the Doctor and our favorite sassy companion, Donna, when they are trying to open a door but can’t, because the sonic “doesn’t work on wood.” Another great bit came out of this when in a later season Rory sneers at the sonic for not working on wood, and Eleven pouts at him and tells him not to “dis” the sonic.

There are of course hundreds of other memorable moments for the sonic, like River getting her own sonic, and various other heroic saves, some which have been debated as a much to easy “get out of jail” free card, but the screwdriver remains a beloved tool of the Doctor and fans alike.

Mr. Victor Pemberton’s contribution will be long enjoyed and remembered.

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