Discovering Maddie Brush: 10 Intriguing Facts About the Sister Wives Star

Discovering Maddie Brush: 10 Intriguing Facts About the Sister Wives Star

Discovering Maddie Brush: 10 Intriguing Facts About the Sister Wives Star

From her debut as 14-year-old Maddie Brown on TLC’s Sister Wives to becoming a wife and mother of two, Maddie Brush has grown up before our eyes. As fans continue to catch glimpses of her life on the show, let’s dive into 10 lesser-known facts about Maddie Brush.

1. Plural Marriage Isn’t in Her Future

Although Maddie was raised in a plural marriage, she and her husband, Caleb, have chosen a monogamous path for their own relationship, breaking away from her family’s tradition.

2. North Carolina is Home

While the Brown family has faced challenges finding a place to call home, Maddie has settled down in North Carolina, far from her family in Arizona. The distance hasn’t stopped her from staying connected with her loved ones.

3. Embracing Health and Wellness

Maddie’s Instagram bio reveals her transformation into a “crunchy momma,” focusing on environmental, health, and social consciousness. She’s mindful of the food she and her children consume, ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

4. An Outdoor Enthusiast

Living in North Carolina provides Maddie with ample opportunities to explore the great outdoors. She frequently shares her family’s adventures, from hiking local trails to admiring the stunning natural scenery.

5. Supporting Black Lives Matter

Raised in a religious household, Maddie believes in treating everyone with love and respect. She demonstrated her support for the Black Lives Matter movement by participating in Blackout Tuesday on June 2, 2020.

6. Facing Tough Choices for Her Daughter’s Health

Maddie’s daughter, Evangalynn, was born with a rare syndrome called FATCO, affecting her bone formation. Maddie and Caleb made the difficult decision to amputate one of Evangalynn’s legs, giving her a better chance at a functional prosthetic in the future. Despite criticism, Maddie defended their choice.

7. A Lifelong Learner

Maddie’s curiosity drives her to constantly seek new information. Although she hasn’t attended college, learning remains a significant part of her life, and she enjoys teaching her children as well.

8. Brand Ambassador and Influencer

Maddie’s reality TV fame has garnered her a substantial social media following, allowing her to partner with brands and promote their products. She currently serves as an ambassador for Dime Beauty Company.

9. A Challenging First Birth

Maddie’s home birth experience with her son, Axel, was far from smooth. The 72-hour labor was featured in an episode of Sister Wives, showcasing her strength and determination.

10. A Spin-Off Series on the Horizon?

As Maddie’s appearances on Sister Wives become less frequent, fans may have something to look forward to. Rumors suggest that a spin-off series featuring Maddie and Caleb could be in the works.

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