Lebron James Makes Absurd Pass at the Garden Last Night

Lebron James Makes Absurd Pass at the Garden Last Night

Let’s forget about comparing Lebron James to Michael Jordan. Let’s forget about the debate as to whether or not he’ll go down as the best player in history. Forget about all the points he’s scored or clutch defensive plays he’s made over the years. Let’s forget about his little spat with Charles Barkley this week. If there’s one thing that I and maybe even Lebron will not want anyone to forget is just how good a floor general he is.

While I think many people do appreciate his passing ability, I still think it’s the one part of his game that goes and will probably always go the least noticed. Last night the Cavaliers visited Madison Square Garden where they beat the Knicks 111-104. Lebron, as he usually does, put on a show. James put up 32 points but also had 10 dazzling assists. However, none were better than this one, which may go down as being one of the best passes of the year.

When you watch this pass you realize that it’s not pretty. It’s not flashy. But it’s just amazing. Lebron knew where his shooter was, used his opposite hand and slinged it over Kristaps Porzingis who happens to be 7’3. Look, like I said, it ain’t pretty but do you know how hard it is to make a pass like that?

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