Leading Actors Who Refused to Work With Each Other Ever Again

Leading Actors Who Refused to Work With Each Other Ever Again

It’s not hard to believe that tempers can flare on a set and egos can clash in a big way since to be perfectly honest, leading actors likely do tend to think highly of themselves now and again. But sometimes this becomes a challenge to deal with since it can be a huge detriment to a project and possibly even keep the lead actors from ever working together again. Sometimes the issues that crop up can be dealt with and things can move forward in an amicable manner, but there are those times when actors find that they can’t bring themselves to even be close to each other for a long period of time. While some of the feuds that have been started on set have been squashed over the years, there are still plenty of ill feelings that don’t just go away with time and understanding. In this instance, it becomes obvious that various actors will want nothing to do with each other for the foreseeable future. Regrettable as that might be, sometimes it’s the best idea and the only truly reasonable outcome.

Here are several leading actors that have refused to work with each other again.

5. James Franco and Tyrese Gibson

During the filming of Annapolis, a movie in which Franco’s character is attempting to first gain admission to and then survive the grueling tutelage of Gibson’s character, but unfortunately for the two of them, boxing became a big part of the movie. Gibson’s character is known as a champion boxer, while Franco had to undergo intense training to reach the same level as his instructor. The problem came when Franco ended up hitting Gibson much harder than he needed to for the purposes of filming, which was something that caused Tyrese to take a great deal of offense. Honestly, even a stuntman doesn’t look forward to getting hit unless they have to.

4. LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx

This is another case when physicality became an issue since LL and Foxx had to play teammates that were constantly at odds with each other when Foxx’s character became the starting quarterback after the injury of the two men in line ahead of him. The problem with this didn’t start until the character started becoming too arrogant for his good and thought that he was able to do everything without the benefit of his team. During one post-game shower, LL and Foxx’s characters got physical and LL apparently put too much effort into his punches, something that Foxx couldn’t easily forgive. It must have been difficult to film the rest of the movie though.

3. Freddie Prinze Jr. and Kiefer Sutherland

Freddie isn’t the only person that’s ever complained about Sutherland, as he stated that Kiefer was more than a little unprofessional on set and was hard to work with. The fact that Freddie came to Kiefer’s show, 24, shouldn’t have really been that big of an issue, but it does appear that this was a clash of personalities and possibly work ethic. The unfortunate fact is that stars tend to get away with a lot on set since it’s typically known that unless they’re actively disrupting filming in any way they can get away with almost anything. But what Freddie obviously had to find out was that Kiefer had already been established long enough that nothing would really happen.

2. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Julia Roberts

Ocean’s Twelve was definitely packed with just as much star talent as the first remake was, but apparently Catherine and Julia didn’t get along that well, and it sounds as though they almost came to blows at one time or another. This could be why we don’t see them in a lot of scenes together, but then again, the overall story doesn’t appear to require such a thing until later on in the movie. But thinking that these two might have had at each other if not for their costars being there to keep order is kind of amusing really since one might actually want to take bets on who might come out on top.

1. Bill Murray and Lucy Liu

This story is fairly well known since the reason why Bill didn’t come back for the sequel is because he and Lucy had a falling out that he states was a misunderstanding. We’ve heard it from Lucy’s perspective, but from Bill’s point of view, he thought her dialogue, not her acting, was ridiculous, and he felt that she believed the same, but still thought that he was making a personal attack on her. So it comes down to whether Lucy was being a tad too sensitive or if Bill might have needed to explain his words a little better. Sometimes not everyone can pick up on the social cues that tell when someone is trying to help or be supportive.

All that talent and people still quibble like kids.

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