Kate Voegele Interview (“One Tree Hill”)

Kate Voegele Interview (“One Tree Hill”)

Tomorrow, One Tree Hill‘s Kate Voegele (Mia) makes a guest appearance on fellow CW show Life Unexpected. Our very own Holly sat down with Kate to discuss the crossover episode.

What was it like working with the cast of Life Unexpected? Was it different then working with the cast of One Tree Hill?

It was awesome! It felt good to bring Mia into a different world and have her interact with other people. I think Mia and Haley blended in really well and related to the characters in Life Unexpected. It was a fun experience.

How was performing on stage at a festival in this episode, as opposed to a bigger venue?

It was awesome. The set was beyond cool. There were these big glitter flowers around and I know that sounds stupid, but people will understand what I’m talking about when they see the episode. Festivals are my favorite thing to play because it’s much more interactive.

What other crossovers would you like to see happen with Mia?

Mad Men wouldn’t work since it’s set in the past, but I’d love to do that. I didn’t even think there was a possibility of a crossover, but I would love to do another one if it came up.

Did you ever think your time on One Tree Hill would last this long?

No, I was supposed to only be in six episodes. I was stoked when Mia got more episodes because Mia clicked well and worked with the characters. She became a part of their world by dating the men and evolving as a musician. She plays Kate Voegele songs and that lets people hear my songs, but people can separate me from Mia.

You have a new album coming out. What’s your favorite song off of it?

We’re still in the progress of picking the songs so I don’t have a favorite just yet. The songs are richer in content but it’s still honest writing, it’s still very me. I’ll have to get back to you on what my favorite song is.

What shows are you watching now?

Mad Men. I never miss it. I make sure I watch it every week. I love the outfits and I’m such a sucker for vintage, so it’s one of the shows that’s a must see for me.

What message do you want to send to your fans?

I want them to know that I’m just a kid from Ohio who moved to Los Angeles and followed her dream. It’s hard being an artist and I think that a lot of people think celebrities are untouchable. I want to be relatable to my fans. I’m not a pretentious person and I know that my fans are the reason I’m where I’m at today.

Our thank you to Kate for taking time out to talk with TVOverMind! You can also take a look at my advance review of the episode, which airs tomorrow night at 9 PM on The CW.

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