10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jordan Vogt-Roberts

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jordan Vogt-Roberts

It’s funny to realize how many directors there are in show business and only a handful of them ever really get that much attention at any given time since they step forward with something that really gets the attention of the people. Jordan Vogt-Roberts is a guy that’s been in the entertainment business since 2013 so you can’t say that he’s really been one of the old guard that has been around for a long time now, but he’s made a serious impact all the same since people know who he is now and have been watching for more of his work since he came onto the scene. So far he’s been proven to be someone that has a definite vision and is also someone that can be relied upon direct a solid movie that’s something worth watching. In the future it will remain to be seen if he can keep the kind of reputation going.

Here are a few things about Jordan you might not have known.

10. He was attacked in Ho Chi Minh City in 2017.

Jordan was hurt pretty badly in the attack but he did make a recovery. It wasn’t until later that his assailant was found and arrested in India. Every now and then you hear about a celebrity being assaulted, but in this case it was genuine.

9. He’s the director for Kong: Skull Island.

Some people enjoyed this film and others thought it was just another huge CGI-fest that didn’t have a lot of bearing on the original cinematic legend of King Kong. But in truth it was probably one of the best that’s come along in a while since the explanation of Kong and his people was a far better representation than anything we’ve seen in a long time now. Plus, it keeps the legend alive.

8. The Kings of Summer was his big screen debut.

It was definite boy’s dream that a lot of us probably enjoyed once or twice when we were younger but it was also an abject lesson in what it means to truly be out on your own and under your own rules. This is just one of the reasons why this was a pretty decent movie.

7. Jordan has a big passion for video games.

He’s in his 30s at this point so it’s still pretty understandable why he’s still into video games since this is something that a lot of men his age and even older are still holding onto as they grow older these days. Video games are a nice escape after all that people can use at times to relieve a lot of stress or just, well, escape.

6. He’s not exactly a big name on social media.

Either he doesn’t pay much attention to social media or he just doesn’t really do much on it that people are willing to look at since he has less than one hundred thousand followers and is still a person of interest in many different circles.

5. Jordan is going to be teaming with Michael B. Jordan to come up with a new monster movie.

The name of the movie hasn’t been revealed yet but it does seem to have something to do Kong: Skull Island, so it could be that there might be another monster or two that will be revealed eventually. After all, Godzilla is making a big comeback, it would seem only natural that King Kong would as well.

4. He was one of many that had a sexual misconduct allegation levied against him.

Apparently he allegedly kissed someone without their consent at one point and it was noted. This was a little while back when the real trouble was brewing and it seemed like every other man in Hollywood was being put on the hot seat for one thing or another whether they were guilty or not.

3. As of right now he keeps his personal life away from his career.

It would appear that he’s single without kids but it’s not really known for certain since he keeps everything pretty private. Over and over it seems that this is something that people are starting to do a lot more of, denying the paparazzi as much as they can when it comes to gaining any dirt on their private lives. It’s something to smile about honestly.

2. He did attend college but there’s not a whole lot on his education background either.

Jordan has really been keeping things close to the vest it would seem since there’s not a whole lot of information on him that doesn’t have to do with business. This seems to be by his choice though so it needs to be respected.

1. Right now his net worth and salary are kind of unknown.

You can imagine that the guy is worth a good chunk of money since quite honestly he’s done a good amount of work in the industry so far. But if he knows the numbers he’s not telling.

That definitely makes a person more intriguing.

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