Jahlil Okafor’s Defense Proves Why It’s Tough to Watch the NBA

There are few teams in the NBA who go all out every game and when you get a chance to watch them it’s something special to see. Teams like the San Antonio Spurs who have amazing chemistry and unselfishness play basketball the way it should be played and give the effort that should be given. But like I said, there are only a few teams that do this. However, if you go down the ladder of teams there are many who just sit out there on the court and it’s nearly impossible to watch. One area that’s tough to comprehend? Defense.

Defense is the easiest part in basketball to give effort in.  You don’t even have to be a good player to follow a guy around and make sure you do whatever you can to prevent him from making a shot or a great play.  Seriously, just use your feet and follow the guy around.  Yes, we’re talking to you James Harden.   But last night I think I reached the end of my line watching Jahlil Okafor.  I know you’re on the 76ers.  I understand how bad a team it is.  I understand that the game is tied 2-2 but are you kidding me?

Don’t you have any pride?  Apparently none whatsoever.  If you’re a basketball fan this clip will sicken you.   I may be done with the NBA after this:

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