How Natalie Portman Got in Shape for Thor: Love and Thunder

How Natalie Portman Got in Shape for Thor: Love and Thunder

How Natalie Portman Got in Shape for Thor: Love and Thunder

It’s fair to say that some folks feel a certain way about Natalie Portman, be it positive or negative since as it happens with many celebrities she’s one of the many that will do what it takes to maintain her reputation and her lifestyle as she sees fit. When it comes to her role in Thor: Love and Thunder though, it’s kind of obvious that her lifestyle has had to change just a little bit to accommodate the transformation that will turn her into Lady Thor, who is a little more jacked than Portman has ever been in any role. Several photos have been released online showing that Portman has in fact become a physical powerhouse compared to her otherwise slight frame from years past, even if she’s not quite ready to go compete for any bodybuilding competitions. The point here is that she’s been hard at work for the role and it shows, but all anyone knows right now is that she’s been hitting the weights pretty hard, and keeping her training balanced out with plenty of functional training that will keep her limber, build up her endurance, and keep her balanced in order to avoid getting too big. Most people already know that Portman goes all-in when committing to a role, meaning that she’ll do whatever training is necessary to make something work, as she did for Black Swan since she was training up to 8 hours a day at that time.

That kind of dedication to a role isn’t that rare any longer since many actors have taken to sacrificing for their roles when needed, but this kind of a change in appearance is definitely worth noticing since Portman has always been in good shape, but she’s never been what anyone would call a ripped individual since she’s maintained her weight through a healthy balance of diet and exercise, and has never really needed to bulk up that much. But for a superhero role, where just about everyone is in good to stupendous shape and the image that’s desired is one that shows several heroes as insanely ripped and bulging when it comes to their muscles, it’s a little too much to ask for Portman to be super-jacked. Thankfully the character of Lady Thor has never been as big as her counterparts, but the comic character has usually been in extremely good shape and has also been in top physical condition throughout her time in the Marvel universe.

What’s fun about Lady Thor, and yes, I’ll keep calling her that since Thor will always be the original Thor no matter what is that she doesn’t have to be since despite being less experienced and a good sight weaker than the original Thor, she has far more intelligence, which allows her to access more of the abilities that Mjolnir is capable of, and thereby even the playing field a bit. Of course, given that the MCU has altered the power levels of various characters over the years it’s going to be intriguing to see just how powerful they decide to make Lady Thor in regards to the original Thor, given that some characters have been jacked up in power levels to a huge degree, while others have been stripped in a way that leaves them powerful, but still able to come up short in one way or another when the battle is joined. It’s not really certain at this time just how Lady Thor is going to be introduced, or what the conflict might be in the movie that will involve her, Thor, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, but it does feel as though it might be a cosmic-level threat, so a lot of fans are likely drawing up theories at this time in order to determine just what they can expect when the movie finally releases. Whether this will be one of Chris Hemsworth’s last appearances as Thor is kind of tough to tell since with Chris Evans coming back as Captain America apparently it would appear that there’s no way to tell whether certain roles are going to be hung up for good or not. There’s even a rumor that people want to see Iron Man come back as a sentient AI that could help out the MCU in the next phase.

Hopefully the plan is to finally phase out the actors that helped to start the MCU since their story arcs have reached a pretty impressive point where it’s better to think about standing down finally rather than continuing forward to ruin their legacy. But with Thor, a lot of people feel that the first two movies didn’t really do the character justice, though the first one was a way to introduce the character and establish him in the MCU. However it happens, Natalie Portman has shown that she’s willing to embrace the role, now we just need to hope that she’ll be as impressive as she looks.

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