When Guys Serenade Girls in Movies: A Collection

When Guys Serenade Girls in Movies:  A Collection

Women still like men to serenade them, it’s strange but true. It’s not so much the singing or the selection of the song, well the song is part of it, but it’s the fact that men still put in the effort. Women liked to be paid attention to and this is one way to show them that a guy really is thinking about them. Whether they’re embarrassed or not depending on the setting isn’t so important as it is that the guy actually does it. Men debasing themselves isn’t the point of a serenade, as a lot of women don’t enjoy it just because the guy is risking making a fool of himself. In truth, women like to know that the guy cares enough to put all his insecurities aside and just give them the kind of attention they crave occasionally. It’s the thought behind the song that really touches them more often than not.

So here are a few serenades that are among the most classic in Hollywood. Enjoy.

5. Parenthood

Rick Moranis is not a guy that’s known for his voice unless you count the whining quality that he takes on for certain roles. But he is known as the kind of guy that has the courage to just start singing to his on screen partner when the mood strikes him. Like I said, it’s more about getting the woman to realize that you’re paying attention to her needs than anything.

4. Top Gun

You know the best thing about a serenade? When you can get the entire bar to join in. You might be the instigator when it comes to getting the song started, but if it’s a certain type of song that so many love and you can get other people involved then the effect becomes even more powerful when that moment hits and you see the surprise in the woman’s eyes.

3. 10 Things I Hate About You

High school is all about being insecure sometimes, but Heath Ledger, for all the issues he might have had, knew how to hide insecurities better than most. His serenade of Stiles’ character was simply epic for the fact that it seemed so spontaneous despite being well-thought out and executed. Seriously, how often do you get a marching band to help you out with something like this?

2. My Best Friend’s Wedding

She should have been quicker on the ball when it came to marrying her best friend, but something tells me this all worked out for the best. Saying a little prayer was probably the best thing because eventually she did manage to take things into perspective and realize that her friend would always be her friend, and not even marriage to another woman could change that.

1. The Wedding Singer

This is what real love is about even if it’s just on screen. It’s going that extra few hundred miles to let someone know how you feel about them, and that you would love to grow old together. Women love this and men don’t always say these things as much as we should. If you want to be the man then you’ve got to show the woman that she means everything to you.

The serenade is an old-school practice that just doesn’t get enough play these days.


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