That Guy Actor of the Day: Paul Willson

That Guy Actor of the Day:  Paul Willson

Just about everyone recognizes Paul Willson for his role in the movie Office Space.   He was one of the two “Bob’s” coming in to figure out who was getting laid off at the fictional company Initech.  But I can almost guarantee you that you wouldn’t know Willson by name.  What you might also not know is that this guy was on Cheers for nearly the entire show’s run.   He had few speaking parts but Willson played one of the regulars at the bar.  His character name was Paul Krapence and he appeared in 55 episodes over the span of 10 years.

If you dig a little deeper you’ll see that Willson actually has 126 acting credits to his name dating all the way back to 1970.  Willson hasn’t appeared in anything since 2014 and he’s currently 72 years old so it’s tough to know what he’s up to today.  But I can say for certainty we’ll never forget Willson as one of the Bob’s.  Of course, that’s the clip I will be sharing with you today.

Let’s give it up for Bob Willson, a solid actor whose name you never knew until today:

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