Get A Load of the Lucifer Season 4 Blooper Reel

Lucifer Season 4

So even the devil isn’t immune to flubbing a line now and then, obviously. A blooper reel is usually one of the best parts of a show or a movie since it shows that the actors aren’t always perfect and they do manage to suffer through long days and lapses of judgment and even forget their lines on occasion. It’s not a perfect profession obviously and there are going to be mistakes made, but sometimes we get to see those mistakes and they’re pretty funny. The blooper reels that come out of a lot of different projects usually take some time to drop but when they do they’re immediately seen as something that’s worthwhile since no matter what source they come from it’s fun to see the actors in a more lighthearted manner than they typically show in their programs or movies. Sometimes it’s as simple as forgetting a single word or even a short line and other times it could be that someone’s timing is off since it doesn’t take a monumental moment to create a blooper, but thinking that the cast of Lucifer is able to have fun with what they do is great since despite the moments of whimsy this show is often seen as something that’s not meant to be a full-on comedy.

It’s kind of strange how society views a mythological figure such as Lucifer since if this were a century earlier it’s very likely that the mere mention of his name would still be enough to rile up a lot of people and get them to pray for the soul of anyone that saw him as misunderstood or even worth talking about in a good light. The famed devil of Christian lore has long been seen as a fallen angel, that much is true, but he’s also been seen as a horrendous individual that rules over the absolute worst place that anyone could hope for in the afterlife, or at least one representation of it since many cultures have their death and corruption legends as well. The thing about Lucifer is that his beginning was one that saw him as a beautiful and decent angel that served at the whim of the heavenly father. Pride, vanity, and so many other sins came before his fall however and it’s more than obvious from the many legends that he’s simply not the being that needs to be worshiped or in any way considered a suitable role model for anyone. Satanists would argue this point of course, but the idea is that the devil is the last person that anyone wants to get to know on a personal basis, much as those on the show have come to do with the character.

Lucifer has been represented in so many different ways in pop culture that it’s easy to think that the legend has dimmed a bit over the years considering that he’s no longer the threat that he used to be back in the day. While the legend might still be very real for a lot of people and the threat of damnation for even speaking well of the devil might be a serious matter for those that think in this manner, a lot of others have taken to enjoying the story of Lucifer in many ways and as a result, the fear that his name once put into so many has lessened in a big way. No one wants to flirt with damnation, to be honest, but the idea of being afraid of something or someone we haven’t seen in so long is enough to get a lot of people on board with what pop culture has done to the famed devil and has made him less of a fearsome creature than a wily and charismatic charmer that has been gracing our screens for a while now. A lot of shows and movies have made him into a character that’s a little more sympathetic and a lot easier to look at since he’s been portrayed as a man and a woman on a few occasions and almost every time there’s been something about him that fans can’t help but like.

Some might think that’s a bit problematic if not sacrilegious, but at the very least it’s better for a story if the characters are a bit versatile and given the benefit of a different perspective since it allows people to see different angles and experience different sides of a story that many of us know from Sunday school. The devil is obviously a character to be held in awe and as someone that’s possibly less than trustworthy in many ways, but when it comes to watching the blooper reel it’s fun to see what can happen and how the actors manage to goof up now and again.

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